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The Spring Semester is Starting Next Week

If you see many new students at the Keats lounge, please do not be surprised because the spring semester 2014 of the Small Group Chinese Classes  will start on Next Monday, March 3rd and there has been many potential students coming to visit Keats in the past few weeks to learn more about our class details. Some of them were referred by their friends who are currently studying Chinese at Keats. The visitors liked Keats environment a lot and were impressed by Keats School’s professionalism in reception and teaching. Some students came directly to register without hesitation.

At the same time, we also welcomed returning students back. They came back to register for more semesters and extend their student visas. Some returning students shared their adventures to other parts of Yunnan. Some students cycled from Kunming to Laos, while some students went back to their home countries to visit family and friends. They all have one wish, which is to start learn Chinese at Keats soon next week.

Before the new semester officially starts, Keats School has been offering free Chinese language lessons and Chinese culture lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Many students took the opportunities to improve their Chinese language skills and got the chance to learn about Keats School’s learning environment. The teachers assessed the students’ levels and place them into the right class. Many students found the free Chinese lessons at Keats very useful and practical.

We have arranged outstanding and experienced Chinese teachers for the small group classes. This weekend, we held a conference focusing on the teaching quality for the small group classes because we want to present the best teaching in Kunming to our students. The teachers had an on-going training while shared their experience in teaching the small group class in the past years. We have also made teaching plans for each stage for the new semester.

Having a well-developed teaching quality control system, we believe that the spring semester can be a fruitful one not only for our students, but also for ourselves for a more modern, successful, practical Chinese language program for anyone who wants to learn Chinese in China.

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Steve testimonial for keats chinese school

Steve | UK

Small Group Chinese Class

I really enjoy coming here because it is like kind of a home for me. It is a great environment to learn Mandarin Chinese in China and meet great people from all over the world. Everyone here is extremely friendly. Kunming has a really nice climate. It is a very good mix of the modern city and also a lot of historic Chinese culture. Probably got the cleanest air in China and possibly the cleanest water too. I invite you to come to study Chinese in Kunming.

David testimonial for keats chinese schoo

David | Australia

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

It has been notable because I have met a lot of people who I met first time last year like me to come back to Keats this year. The teaching has been fantastic. The teachers carefully prepare each lesson. I think this one-on-one approach is really a great way to rapidly increase your level of Chinese and increase your confidence and fluency with the language.

Dr. Med. Beatrice | Austria

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I decided to learn Chinese in Kunming because I like smaller cities and I like the climate here. We had four hours a day study here and my dear teacher taught me very much and never lost her patience with me. It was a really wonderful experience to be here and I recommend Keats school and the teachers here to everyone who likes to learn Chinese in China.

Duwenyu testimonial for keats chinese school

杜文宇 | Netherlands

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

So during my first week at Keats, I didn’t dare to speak any Chinese words. I found out that my Chinese level quickly improved since then. Although I have many options to study in China, for example, some other schools have homestay, I found I could immerse myself and fully focus on learning Chinese by staying at Keats.

Shihori | Japan

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

In the one-to-one intensive Chinese course, you can choose the learning method you like. The small group Chinese class in China at Keats follows the HSK textbook. Teachers often collect feedback from the students, teachers listen to our requirements and opinions. I felt that my oral level is better than before .

嶋田京子 | Japan

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

Kunming’s scenery is very beautiful. It is the best place to study Chinese in China. My favorite learning method at Keats School is one-on-one because it is suitable for everyone. My teacher is very good, very caring, and lovely. My life when learning Chinese in Kunming is very good and the weather is very good. The air is very good. It is good for the elderly’s body.

Rients testimonial for keats chinese school

Rients | Netherlands

Small Group Chinese Class

Kunming is a great place to learn Chinese in China because not many Chinese on the street speak English. Keats has been a great school for me and a lot of other foreigners who studied in China recommended it to me. I think they are all right. The study method here is really structured. They make learning Chinese really easy. There are also a lot of cultural and natural places to visit.

David testimonial for keats chinese school

Pakorn | Thailand

Small Group Chinese Class

It is very convenient to come to Kunming from Thailand. I really like my Chinese class and my Chinese improved a lot in a few months. There are many benefits of learning Chinese. The best thing I like about Keats is that it is in Kunming, a city with eternal spring. There is so much to see in Kunming and you will love this city after you come.

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