Check Out Jaq's Story

The Inspiration of Chinese Tea

Check Out Jaq's Story

The Inspiration of Chinese Tea
  • Duration

    1-52 weeks

  • Lessons Per Day


  • Accommodation


  • Daily Meals


  • Student Number

    One on One

  • Program Start

    Any Time

  • Tuition Starting From

    RMB 4600

  • language levels

    Any Level

Course Features

In this program I will:
  • Study Chinese intensively but also have a chance to appreciate the amazing landscape and culture in Yunnan.
  • Have all traveling plans created for me, I just need to enjoy the trip.
  • Have the flexibility to invite my families and friends to join the tours.
  • Be able to practice my Chinese during the trip led by professional Chinese speaking tour guide.

Is this programfor me?


    If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese while experiencing the beautiful scenery of the Yunnan province, the Study + Tour program in China is for you. We will design your Chinese course according to your personal needs and organize your trips to different parts of Yunnan. For the Chinese language course, you can choose to study for 4 hours/day or 6 hours/day from 1 week to 52 weeks. For the tour part, you can choose to travel for 1 week or 2 weeks. We will combine the two parts and create a customized program for you.


      This is a hassle-free program where you do not need to worry about study plans, travel plans, transportation, food, hotel, airport pick-up etc because we will do everything for you. The trips will be led by professional Chinese speaking guide, which means you will learn Chinese in a practical context.


        A notable feature of the Study + Tour program is that you can come alone to study Chinese and then invite your friends or family to join the tours if they are not interested in learning Chinese. This gives you a chance to gather with your family while you study Chinese in Kunming. It is a good opportunity to practice and show off your Mandarin Chinese skills.


        For the Chinese language course, you can choose to study for 4 hours/day or 6 hours/day from 1 week to 52 weeks. For the tour part, you can choose to travel for 1 week or 2 weeks. We will combine the two parts and create a customized program for you.

        During one week tours, you will experience the colorful minority culture in Dali, the amazing snow mountains in Lijiang, and the mysterious temples in Shangri-la. You will be amazed by the stunning landscape and culture.


        During the two week tours, you will experience the colorful minority culture in Dali, the amazing snow mountains in Lijiang, the mysterious temples in Shangri-la, the ancient town in Jianshui, and the peaceful rice terrace in Yuanyang. You will be amazed by the stunning landscape and culture.



        By enrolling in this program you will get



        • You can choose to study for 4 hours per day (20 hours/week) or 6 hours per day (30 hours/week).
        • We use unique teaching methods developed by Keats. Your teacher(s) will prepare your lessons according to your level of Chinese and your learning goals, to make sure that you learn the most Chinese in the shortest possible time.


        • When you study Chinese at Keats, your single dorm room is located in the SAME building as the school. It is clean, safe, convenient and comfortable.
        • When you travel, we offer single room accommodation. If your friends or family come with you, the accommodation will be a double room, depending on situations.


        • Entrance ticket for the sightseeing places.
        • All the cultural and hands-on activities.


        • From Kunming to the next stop, you will take high-speed train or regular train.
        • We provide your own private and comfortable vehicle.


        Professional driver and Chinese speaking guide, which means you will learn Chinese in a practical context.


        Travel accident insurance and Travel Agency’s Responsibility insurance.

        Free Services

        FREE - 3 Meals a Day

        Free Services

        • Authentic Chinese Cuisine: Keats Cafeteria uses fresh produce to prepare delicious Chinese meals with top-quality oil. We offer various choices for vegetarians.
        • Keats Cafeteria is the best place to meet and chat with other students. It is also a good time to practice your Chinese with Keats teachers during meal times.
        • When you travel, lunch and dinner are not included. You will have the flexibility to choose whatever local food you would like to try.

        Free - Culture & Movie Night

        • We offer FREE Chinese cultural seminars/DIY classes such as Chinese mahjong, Chinese tea tasting, making dumplings, Chinese paper cutting, Chinese painting, etc. every Thursday night.
        • Every Tuesday night is the movie night at Keats. With the big movie screen at Keats, you can choose any movie from thousands of options we have.

        Free Access to All Keats Facilities

        You will have FREE access to Keats Fitness Center, Keats Library, Keats Cafeteria, Keats Time Cafe, self-study rooms, and laundry rooms on different floors.

        Dedicated Advisors

        Your “Study Advisor” will be helping you with 1. Collecting your learning feedback for the 1st week at Keats; 2. Tracking your satisfaction with the program; 3. Answering questions in learning Chinese; 4. Adjusting your class to meet your requirements if you are not satisfied; 5. Arranging make-up lessons; 6. Arranging lessons if you want to extend your stay or add extra lessons; 7. Any questions related to studying.

        Your “Life Advisor” will be helping you with 1. School orientation; 2. Helping you get familiar with the surrounding area; 3. Accommodation registration; 4. Arranging room cleaning and ordering water; 5. Arranging airport pick-up and drop-off; 6. Helping you get the Chinese SIM card or metro card; 7. Helping you learn more about travel destinations and popular traveling routes; 8. Helping you purchase flight tickets, train tickets, and book hotel rooms; 9. Taking you to buy gifts and souvenirs; 10. Anything else that will help you feel like home here.

        FREE Weekend Excursions

        In order to make the most out of your time at Keats, we take you to explore various interesting places during the weekend to help you have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. We offer FREE excursions every Saturday.

        Chinese Language Partner

        In order to create more opportunities for Keats students to practice Mandarin Chinese outside of classrooms, the Friends Program at Keats provides the opportunity to make friends with Chinese people. You will be paired with a local Chinese who can speak standard Mandarin. Keats has strict criterion for selecting Chinese people with standard accents to join the Friends Program. You and your language partners are encouraged to take part in all activities at Keats.

        FREE Wednesday Language Exchange

        Keats has the largest language exchange platform in Kunming. We offer FREE language exchange activities every Wednesday evening. We will be discussing topics for all levels (elementary, intermediate, and advanced). It is a great time to make friends with Chinese people and use the Chinese outside of classrooms. Every Wednesday 19:30 – 21:30 at Keats Time Cafe.

        FREE 24/7 Support

        Whenever you need help, we are here to help. We understand that living abroad can be stressful, especially for the first time. We are here to ease your concerns and make your transition smooth. Keats is your home in China and is with you all the time.

        Benefits for Keats Students

        50% Off at Keats Time Cafe

        Benefits for Keats Students

        We use the arabica coffee grown in Yunnan to prepare espresso, latte, cappuccino, and mocha. Keats students will receive a 50% discount for all drinks at Keats Time Cafe, which is located in the school building. Each day we strive to deliver an exceptional hospitality experience at Keats. A day full of energy starts from a cup of good coffee or tea.

        Keats Student ID

        As a Keats student, you can request a student ID. With the student ID, you can receive student’s prices or discounted prices at 80% of parks in China. This saves you a lot of money which you can invest in your Mandarin Chinese classes. The student ID provides the best opportunity to travel in China on a budget.


        Airport pick-up and drop-off

        Access to Online Learning Materials

        Access to Keats Fitness Center


        High speed internet and use of the computers

        Travel Planning in China

        VISA Application Assistance

        Program Certificate

        Medicine for minor illnesses


        Testimonial for Chinese lessons

        Faith | UK

        Chinese Language Course + Tour in China

        I have 2 teachers, and I do 4 hours a day. So I have got Dong Laoshi and Jin Laoshi. Both of them are very good. They made the experience very nice to me. They are willing to help you whenever, so if you ever have a question here, the teachers are always there to help you whether it is visas, whether it is getting around the city. Everyone wants to talk to you.

        Ramji | USA

        Chinese Language Course + Tour in China

        The best part of the school is the patience the instructors had and the time to focus on the fundamentals like pronunciation. I think it is very easy to skip over those and go to vocabulary. But by learning the pronunciation, I feel like it helped me gain a better understanding of the language.

        David testimonial for keats chinese schoo

        David | Australia

        Chinese Language Course + Tour in China

        It has been notable because I have met a lot of people who I met first time last year like me to come back to Keats this year. The teaching has been fantastic. The teachers carefully prepare each lesson. I think this one-on-one approach is really a great way perhaps anyway to rapidly increase your level of Chinese and increase your confidence and fluency with the language.

        Andrew testimonial for keats chinese school

        Andrew | USA

        Chinese Language Course + Tour in China

        I am a graduate student working on my doctor degree at Columbia University. We were able to really focus on speaking especially interview  style speaking and we are able to really up my reading and writing, so when I go back to Columbia, I can take formal classes.  It has been a really good experience and I really love my teacher.

        Sylvia tetimonial for keats chinese school

        Sylvia | USA

        Chinese Language Course + Tour in China

        One thing I really liked was that I was able to work with my teacher to make an individual plan of study. Another really nice thing is that you live at the school, you feel completely safe.  You always have a group of people who are willing to do things with you on the weekends or in the evenings. They are serving you all the 3 meals a day, the food was excellent.

        Hitanshu testimonial for keats chinese school

        Hitanshu | UK

        Chinese Language Course + Tour in China

        It doesn’t matter what level of Chinese you have, or even you can start from the zero level. Your teacher will prepare the lessons according to your requirements. The advantage of living in the school is that you will have your tutoring, you will have your private accommodation with your own bathroom and all the meals provided. I highly recommend everybody to actually take the whole package because you get to meet other students.

        Hilary testimonial for keats chinese school

        Hilary | USA

        Chinese Language Course + Tour in China

        I’ve had a really great time here. I’ve studied a lot with my teacher who was fantastic. Keats School tried very hard to match its students with really good teachers that their personality works very well together. I really enjoy the school and I will definitely come back.

        Sarah testimonial for keats chinese school

        Sarah | Sarah

        Chinese Language Course + Tour in China

        My name is Sarah Fish. I am 81. I knew very little Chinese when I arrived. How was I going to survive 2 weeks of intensive Chinese? I have to laugh when I think of that now. What a positive experience this has been! I really wish we could be here a little longer. The teachers are extremely encouraging, evaluating first how much someone knows, and then starting from there.


        The price in RMB is the standard payment we accept. Below is the price conversion in
        US dollars or Euros for reference.

        Customize Your Courses

        We offer a discount if you apply to study for more than 30 weeks. Learn more about our Discount policy ?

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