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Semester Chinese Program

Learn Chinese in Chengde, 1 hour from Beijing
Learn Chinese in Chengde, 1 hour from Beijing
  • Duration

    1 to 6 semesters

  • Lessons Per Day

    2 Hours

  • Accommodation

    NOT Included

  • Daily Meals

    NOT Included

  • Student Number

    No More Than 16

  • Program Start

    First Monday each month

  • Tuition Starting From

    US $4200

  • language levels

    Any Level

Course Features

  • 1 Semester = 18 weeks = 6-month student visa
  • 2 Semesters = 36 weeks = 1-year student visa
  • Learn Chinese in Chengde – 1 hour from Beijing by high-speed train
  • Live in China for long term by studying Chinese
  • Dialect Free – Learn Chinese at the place of origin of Mandarin – Chengde
  • Designed for people who want to live in China for long term
  • Lots of job opportunities in Beijing and in Chengde
  • Extremely low living cost in Chengde
Program Intro

Is this programfor me?

1 hour from Beijing by high-speed train, but very low living cost
1 hour from Beijing by high-speed train, but very low living cost

1 hour from Beijing by high-speed train, but very low living cost

    Chengde is only 1 hour away from the capital, Beijing, by high-speed train. Living and studying Chinese in Chengde is just like living and studying Chinese in Beijing. There are 2 to 4 high-speed trains from Chengde to Beijing every hour. You can go sightseeing or just have a nice dinner in Beijing at any time. Despite of being so close to Beijing, the cost of living is amazingly lower than that in Beijing.

    Living expense comparison: Chengde vs Beijing

    1-bedroom apartment in Beijing rent: Around US$1500/month

    1-bedroom apartment in Chengde rent: Around US$200/month

    0 Dialect
    0 Dialect

    0 Dialect

      Learn the most authentic Mandarin accent in Chengde. Nestled in the heart of China, Chengde is not just a city of breathtaking landscapes and imperial history; it’s the birthplace of Mandarin, the world’s most spoken language. You don’t have to worry about dialect in Chengde because everyone here speaks standard Mandarin. You can easily understand others and be understood.

      Extremely low living cost
      Extremely low living cost

      Extremely low living cost

        Chengde presents an appealing alternative for those looking to enjoy a lower cost of living without sacrificing the quality of life. Its combination of affordable living expenses, rich cultural heritage, and beautiful natural surroundings make it an attractive destination for individuals and families alike. Whether you’re considering relocating for work, study, or simply seeking a change of scenery, Chengde offers a balanced and economically sensible lifestyle choice compared to the hustle and bustle of Beijing.

        Profound history and amazing landscape
        Profound history and amazing landscape

        Profound history and amazing landscape

          At the heart of Chengde’s allure is the Mountain Resort (Bishu Shanzhuang), an expansive imperial garden and palace complex. Built during the 18th century, this magnificent retreat covers a staggering 5.6 square kilometers, making it one of the largest ancient gardens in China. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the resort is a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design, blending the natural beauty of its surroundings with the refined aesthetics of traditional Chinese architecture.

          Beyond this historic sanctuary, Chengde’s landscape unfolds in a tapestry of natural wonders, from gentle hikes in the surrounding hills to leisurely boat rides on its clear waters. Each season brings its own charm, with vibrant autumn leaves, blossoming spring flowers, cool summer escapes, and snowy winter vistas. Chengde is an ideal getaway for those seeking a blend of cultural richness and the calming beauty of nature.

          Tuition fee as low as US$4200/semester
          Tuition fee as low as US$4200/semester

          Tuition fee as low as US$4200/semester

            One semester is 18 weeks. If you have a tight budget, but also want to enjoy the best quality of teaching, the semester Chinese program would be the best choice. If you want to learn Chinese in Beijing but cannot afford the high tuition fee in Beijing, Chengde is a great alternative. You can enjoy life in Chengde and improve your Mandarin Chinese at the same time.

            Best Way to Live in China for Long Term
            Best Way to Live in China for Long Term

            Best Way to Live in China for Long Term

              The Semester Chinese Program offers long-term student visas, which is ideal for people who want to live in China for the long term. China is a country that many people dream of because of the vast business/working opportunities and low living costs. If you are in between jobs or unsure about the future, studying Chinese in Chengde and taking the Semester Chinese program could be the best decision to help you gain a skill that will benefit you for a lifelong time.

              Locations Available for the Semester Chinese Program


              10 hrs/week of Group Chinese Classes


              • Each small group class has no more than 16 students.
              • You will have Mandarin Chinese classes for 2 hours Monday to Friday, 10 hours/week.
              • Improve your Chinese skills through active interaction with your teacher and classmates.

              Program Certificate

              As an outstanding Chinese language institute that has been well-established for 20 years, we offer students program certificates at the end of the program. You can use it for:

              • Job application
              • Degree program application
              • Proof of a memorable experience
              • Proof of your Chinese level

              Free Services

              FREE - Apartment Hunting

              Free Services

              One of the most significant advantages of living in Chengde is the affordability of housing. Rent in Chengde is much lower than in Beijing, allowing you to get more space for your money or save a significant amount for other activities or investments. Whether you’re looking for a cozy apartment in the city center or a spacious house in the suburbs, Chengde offers a variety of affordable options. A one-bedroom studio costs around US$200/month.

              Keats offers a free apartment hunting service if you need it.

              FREE - Saturday Excursions

              In order to make the most out of your time at Keats, we take you to explore various interesting places during the weekend to help you have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. We offer FREE excursions every Saturday. There are so many interesting places to visit in Chengde. We will take you to experience the real Chengde every Saturday.

              FREE - PLACEMENT TEST

              Each student has his/her Chinese language background. Don’t worry! We will offer a free placement test before you start the Semester Chinese Program. The teacher at Keats will suggest one class that is most suitable for your level.

              Life Advisor

              Your “Life Advisor” will be helping you with

              • School orientation;
              • A tour of the surrounding area (supermarket, hospital, SIM card, metro station, restaurants, post office, etc.)
              • Accommodation registration;
              • Apartment hunting;
              • Visa extension or visa paperwork

              Study Advisor

              Your “Study Advisor” will be helping you with

              • Collecting your learning feedback;
              • Tracking your satisfaction with the program;
              • Answering questions in learning Chinese;
              • Arranging lessons if you want to extend your stay or add extra lessons.

              Chinese Language Partner

              In order to create more opportunities for Keats students who take the Semester Chinese Program to practice Mandarin Chinese outside of classrooms, the Friends Program at Keats provides the immersion experience by making friends with Chinese people and practicing Chinese. You will be paired with a local Chinese who can speak standard Mandarin. Keats has strict criteria for selecting Chinese people with standard accents to join the Friends Program. You and your language partners are encouraged to take part in all activities at Keats.

              FREE - 24/7 Support

              Whenever you need help, we are here to help. We understand that living abroad can be stressful, especially for the first time. We are here to ease your concerns and make your transition smooth. Keats is your home in China and is with you all the time. Learn Chinese in China and explore China by taking the small group Chinese class.

              Benefits for Keats Students

              Volunteer Work to Teach English

              Benefits for Keats Students

              Keats officially partners with Luanping Vocational School to offer volunteer work for Keats students. The students here come from low-income families, and some of them cannot afford daily life expenses. The Luanping Vocational School needs volunteers to teach the students English. If you are interested in doing volunteer work while you study in Chengde, Keats will set up the volunteer positions for you.

              Keats Student ID

              As a Keats student, you can request a student ID. With the student ID, you can receive student’s prices or discounted prices at 80% parks in China. This saves you a lot of money which you can invest in your Mandarin Chinese language courses. The student ID provides the best opportunity to travel in China on a budget.


              Keats offers support for your long-term student visa application. After you complete your registration at Keats, we will send you instructions on how to get your student/tourist visa with help from Keats. Keats can also provide dependent visas for your spouse and children. Get started and plan your trip to learn Mandarin Chinese in China.

              Business Set up in China Consulting

              Keats closely works with the Investment Promotion Service Department of Chengde High-tech Industrial Development Zone. They offer many good policies to facilitate foreign investors to start their own business in Chengde. Keats offers consulting services to any student who wishes to start their own business in Chengde.


              High speed internet and use of the computers

              Access to Online Learning Materials

              Medicine for minor illnesses

              THE PROGRAM'S IMPACT

              Josh testimonial for keats chinese school

              Josh | USA

              Semester Chinese Program

              I really had a wonderful experience at the school. The teachers are very very friendly. In my class, we practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We play games and other fun activities. We have trips around town. The staff at Keats is phenomenal. My teacher is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my educational experience. She comes in with a smile every day.

              Stew testimonial for keats chinese school

              Stew | UK

              Semester Chinese Program

              The place is very cool. I am with a great group of people in my class, so coming to classes is very enjoyable. It is fun, we have a lot of discussions, games, activities. Our teachers are also very good, very supportive. Learning Chinese is intimidating at the start because you have so many questions. But I would advise coming to Keats because the atmosphere for learning is great. It is very relaxing. I would recommend the school.

              Viktor testimonial for keats chinese school

              Viktor | Switzerland

              Semester Chinese Program

              My school is amazing. I recommend Keats School because it is a more convenient way to learn Chinese in Kunming.

              Robert testimonial for keats chinese school

              Robert | Netherlands

              Semester Chinese Program

              Since last semester, we started studying Chinese at Keats. It was the best choice we can ever make. It is a really good school. The classes are a lot of fun, you learn a lot, but very interactive, so you talk a lot which means it is not just books and writing. Kunming is a really pleasant city to live in, especially if you compare it to other cities in the east. If you like to travel, if you like to study Chinese in a fun way, Keats has the best Chinese language program for you.

              Ida testimonial for keats chinese school

              Ida | Italy

              Semester Chinese Program

              I have studied at Keats for 2 semesters. I highly recommend Keats School. If you are very interested in taking a Mandarin course in China, I would suggest you come to Kunming. Kunming people are very friendly. The weather in Kunming is great. So I recommend that you study Chinese at Keats in Kunming.

              Rients testimonial for keats chinese school

              Rients | Netherlands

              Semester Chinese Program

              Kunming is a great place to learn Chinese in China because not many Chinese on the street speak English. Keats has been a great school for me and a lot of other foreigners who studied in China recommended it to me. I think they are all right. The study method here is really structured. They make learning Chinese really easy. There are also a lot of cultural and natural places to visit.

              Vanya testimonial for keats chinese school

              Vanya | BULGARIA

              Semester Chinese Program

              I found Keats to be very good, teachers are excellent and really take the students seriously. Kunming is the best place to learn Mandarin in China. The environment is awesome, no pollution. The air quality is great, good weather. The people here are very friendly. I come to take classes every day. I feel comfortable studying Chinese at Keats. I learned so many things, although I only studied at Keats for 2 months. I am really satisfied with my teacher. For us foreigners, Keats is the best Chinese school in China. Therefore, I would highly recommend Keats to all of you.

              Shihori | Japan

              Semester Chinese Program

              In the one-to-one intensive Chinese course, you can choose the learning method you like. The small group Chinese class in China at Keats follows the HSK textbook. Teachers often collect feedback from the students, teachers listen to our requirements and opinions. I felt that my oral level is better than before .

              Locations Available for the Semester Chinese Program


              What's Your Chinese Learning Goal?

              Laying the Foundation

              You can take the Beginner Semester Chinese Program. We offer a free placement test before you start the class.

              1 semester = 18 weeks, 2 hrs/day, 10 hrs/week

              • Class Time: 8:30 - 10:30
              • Textbook: Developing Chinese Elementary Comprehensive 1

              Basic Communication

              You can take the Elementary Semester Chinese Program. We offer a free placement test before you start the class.

              1 semester = 18 weeks, 2 hrs/day, 10 hrs/week

              • Class Time: 8:30 - 10:30
              • Textbook: Developing Chinese Elementary Comprehensive 2


              You can take the Intermediate Semester Chinese Program. We offer a free placement test before you start the class.

              1 semester = 18 weeks, 2 hrs/day, 10 hrs/week

              • Class Time: 13:30 - 15:30
              • Textbook: Developing Chinese Intermediate Comprehensive 1 & 2


              You can take the Advanced Semester Chinese Program. We offer a free placement test before you start the class.

              1 semester = 18 weeks, 2 hrs/day, 10 hrs/week

              • Class Time: 8:30 -10:30
              • Textbook: Developing Chinese Advanced Comprehensive 1 & 2

              Customize Your Courses

              Discounts are offered based on the number of weeks you pay for. The prices listed here are discounted prices. Learn more about our Discount policy ?

              My Investment in My Future

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              Viktor's Story at Keats My Chinese Family and My Chinese School


              Is there a starting date of the program?

              Yes, you can join this program on the first Monday of each month.

              Does this program include accommodation?

              No, this program does not include accommodation. The Semester Chinese Program is designed for people who want to live and study in China for the long term.

              However, Keats offers free apartment hunting services for free. We will take you to see various apartments close to the school and help you with the contract details and you can make your own decision.

              Will this program help with the long-term student visa?

              Yes, we will help you with long-term student visas. If you are living abroad, we will send you the visa documents to apply for student visas after full payment for the program is made.

              How long is the visa if I sign up for 1 semester?

              Your student visa will be 6 months if you sign up for 1 semester.

              Your student visa will be 1 year if you sign up for 2 semesters.

              Your student visa will be 1.5 year if you sign up for 3 semesters.

              Your student visa will be 2 years if you sign up for 4 semesters.

              This program is great, but can I join this program for 4 weeks and just pay for 4 weeks?

              We are very sorry that the Semester Chinese Program is carried out based on 18 weeks. The minimum duration of the program you can take is 18 weeks. If you are unable to finish the entire 18 weeks, you will not receive a refund. This program is designed for students who want to live and study in China for long term.

              If you are looking for a short-term intensive program, you can check out the intensive one-on-one Chinese programs with 10 locations available for choosing or the small group Chinese classes in Kunming.

              How many hours of lessons per day for the Semester Chinese Program?

              The Semester Chinese Program offers 2 hours of Chinese group classes per day, Monday to Friday. You will be studying with a professional and licensed Keats teacher in your class.

              Is there an age limit to attend this program?

              Yes, people who can register for this program are from 18 years old to 65 years old. Since there will be other students in the small group classes, you will need to accommodate other students’ learning speeds. The teacher for the small group class will get everyone involved and make sure that each student has enough attention.

              If you prefer to take a completely customized course designed exclusively for you, you can take the Intensive One-on-one Chinese program. The teacher for the one-on-one Chinese program will prepare the lessons according to your level of Chinese and your learning goals to ensure that you learn the most Chinese in the shortest possible time. The Intensive One-on-one Chinese course will be designed to target your weakness and help you learn Chinese at your own pace.

              If I want to accelerate my progress, can I switch to the Intensive One-on-one Chinese program?

              Absolutely! You can just let us know at least one week before you plan to switch, and we will make arrangements for you.

              You can pay the difference of the programs for the rest of your stay.

              How many students in one class for the Semester Chinese Program?

              There are no more than 16 students in one class. Students are from all over the world with one goal of speaking Chinese fluently. You will soon make new friends after you start the school.

              Wow, this is exactly the program I want to take! How can I enroll?

              You can register here or click the “APPLY NOW” button on the top right and send the deposit of USD 200 to reserve your room and your spot in the small group class at Keats. After we receive your deposit, we will send you a booking confirmation and an invoice with payment details for the balance. Then you can arrange the payment through bank transfer. We will send you the official Admission Notice to apply for a student visa. After you receive the visa supporting materials from us, you will be ready to apply for a student visa at the Chinese embassy or visa center in your country. Once you get the visa, you are ready to start a wonderful journey at Keats! Click here for a detailed description of the enrollment process.

              Get ready

              What to Pack Practical Manual for New Students

              So, you’ve made up your mind to learn Chinese in China. You will travel to China to take an intensive Chinese immersion language course at Keats and start a wonderful journey. Here is a practical manual for new students, including what to pack, money, medical/health, transportation, and entertainment. Please kindly read it before you arrive. We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Kunming!

              Practical Manual for New Students

              Please use vertical scrolling on your mobile device.