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Student’s Parents Visiting Keats

Rachel, from England, has been learning Chinese in Kunming at Keats for over 3 months now. Rachel is in the Intermediate Level class. Rachel now has a close relationship with other students in class and often hangs out with other teachers and students at Keats. “When I just started to learn Chinese in the small group class at Keats, I was afraid of being asked questions because I was so nervous that I would make any mistakes. But now I am not afraid anymore because the class atmosphere is very relaxed and I don’t really care whether people will laugh at me when making mistakes. As time goes by, it turns out that my concern is totally unnecessary because the classmates are so friendly and the teacher really cares about you,” Rachel told us. “In addition, I can freely express my own opinions and I have changed a lot since learning Chinese at Keats. The small group study helped me improve my Chinese language skill, but the most important is that it made me more confident in all aspects.”

One of Rachel’s hobbies is writing. She records all her fun experience in Kunming through her delicate writing. She wrote about her trips with friends, students activities at Keats, street food in Kunming, and many other unforgettable experiences. She hopes to share her interesting experiences with any student who is interested in learning Chinese in China at Keats by posting her essays on Keats blog.

Last week, Rachel’s parents and sister came to visit her from London. Thursday, she gave them a tour of Keats, the school where Rachel is currently studying Chinese at. Her parents were amazed by the beautifully decorated school and told us that Keats does not look like a school, but a sweet and clean home. They were very happy to learn that their daughter is currently studying at such a wonderful place. After visiting Keats, they now can rest assured that Rachel found the right place to study Chinese. Rachel’s father told us that Rachel took them to many great places this week such as the Daguan Park and the Stone Forest. They have enjoyed the trips so much. “We are very proud of our daughter because she was using Chinese so fluently to order food for us, buying tickets, asking for directions, and booking hotels without any problems,” Rachel’s father told us.

Rachel’s parents are leaving Kunming for England this weekend. However, they do not worry about their daughter because they have seen everything that Rachel is experiencing in Kunming. They hope that Rachel can continue learning Mandarin Chinese because they realize that being able to speak Chinese is so important.

We wish that Rachel’s family will have a wonderful weekend in Kunming and also hope that Rachel’s parents and sister will keep all good memories about Kunming after going back home. Last but not the least, we wish Rachel enjoys her life and study every day at Keats, in Kunming. 

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Kim | UK

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I’ve had an amazing time at Keats. I am amazed at how much I’ve learned over the last 3 weeks and I will be really sad to go. We are already planning on our next trip of coming back because we had such a fantastic time here. They really tailor the Chinese language course to you and your individual needs.

David testimonial for keats chinese school

Pakorn | Thailand

Small Group Chinese Class

It is very convenient to come to Kunming from Thailand. I really like my Chinese class and my Chinese improved a lot in a few months. There are many benefits of learning Chinese. The best thing I like about Keats is that it is in Kunming, a city with eternal spring. There is so much to see in Kunming and you will love this city after you come.

Sully testimonial for keats chinese school

Sully | France

Small Group Chinese Class

All my classmates stay together for one year and we improved so much! The teachers at Keats are all very great. They like to organize a lot of activities to help us learn Chinese. I like Keats! I like Kunming!

Emiliano | Mexico

Small Group Chinese Class

I come to Kunming because I think the environment in Kunming is better and I heard that Keats School is better. I like the small group Chinese class because my classmates study hard and our teachers are very good. I like the teaching method of Keats because I like the activities at Keats. I think Yunnan is a particularly beautiful Chinese province.


Richard testimonial for keats chinese school

Richard | UK

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

This is my second time coming. Last year, I also came for about 12 weeks. This time I came for 13 weeks of a summer program in China. The reason why I particularly want to come to this school was because of the one-on-one classes. I was able to increase my level and learn Chinese more quickly than in group classes. If I have a chance again to come next year, I certainly will.

Rients testimonial for keats chinese school

Rients | Netherlands

Small Group Chinese Class

Kunming is a great place to learn Chinese in China because not many Chinese on the street speak English. Keats has been a great school for me and a lot of other foreigners who studied in China recommended it to me. I think they are all right. The study method here is really structured. They make learning Chinese really easy. There are also a lot of cultural and natural places to visit.

Joleen | Germany

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

About studying Chinese here, I think the living condition is very convenient because the dorm is very close to the classroom. Our teachers really enjoy teaching Chinese. They are also very passionate. Compared with other cities in China, Kunming has really good weather.

Duwenyu testimonial for keats chinese school

杜文宇 | Netherlands

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

So during my first week at Keats, I didn’t dare to speak any Chinese words. I found out that my Chinese level quickly improved since then. Although I have many options to study in China, for example, some other schools have homestay, I found I could immerse myself and fully focus on learning Chinese by staying at Keats.

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