Learn Chinese in China with Keats School

Dynamic Chinese Characters in Chinese Poetry

November 8, 2013

If foreigners want to learn Chinese language better, they should first have a better and deeper understanding on the Chinese characters. In China, the in-depth understanding of Chinese characters was established in the contemporary old-style poetry. In the process of creation, the character was activated, thus helping us finish the creation. Chinese characters are very special in […]

Why We Should Say 变胖 as 胖起来and 变瘦 as 瘦下来?

November 8, 2013

When you learn the two words 起来and下来, the Chinese teachers in one-on-one Chinese learning programsmay take 胖起来and瘦下来as examples. However, it might be confusing for you because both起来and下来in the two phrases indicate the meaning of “begin and will continue”. But why, the different words should be applied differently with 胖and瘦. What are the essential differences between them? Let’s take […]

Present Problems in Teaching Foreigners Mandarin Language

November 8, 2013

As more and more foreigners intend to learn Chinese in China, teaching foreigners Chinese languagegradually widely spread in the whole China and even in other countries. However, more problems arise with the development of Chinese language teaching. Nowadays, the international spread of Chinese language is mainly for the reason of spreading Chinese culture. The students and schools in some countries may not […]

To Stimulate Foreign Learners Speak Chinese Actively

November 8, 2013

Nowadays, more and more foreigners from different countries come to learn Chinese in China. The students are differently featured, but the most difficult for teachers to teach are those who are not willing to open their mouths to speak Chinese. This condition often happens both in the class teaching and in one-on-one Chinese learning programs. Therefore, whether […]

About the Total Number of Chinese Characters

November 8, 2013

Chinese characters belong to the logo syllabic writing which are huge in total number. If the overseas students come to study in intensive Mandarin course in China, they may wonder how many characters inChinese language. So far, it is afraid that no one can give a precise answer. However, about the number of Chinese characters, the […]

Correcting Pronunciation Mistakes Should Be Company with the Whole Process of Chinese Lessons

November 8, 2013

Teachers who have been just devoted themselves to teaching Chinese lessons will often meet the situation that they have no idea about what to teach the students. For example, the students have been learning Mandarin in China for several years and they can speak fluent Chinese. Sometimes they will ask the teacher many questions which […]

Bangkok Chinese Language Teachers Came to Learn in China

November 8, 2013

In recent years, many foreigners attach more and more importance to Chinese language learning. According to the news reported by Xinhua News Agency, the foreign learners who study in Chinese language schoolcan learn that the native Chinese language teachers in Thailand Bangkok Board of Education set off to Tianjin Normal University in China on April 2nd, processing the Chinese language skill training […]

Spreading Chinese Culture through the Confucius Institute

November 8, 2013

Nowadays, more and more Confucius Institutes are being built in many countries around the world. There are increasing number of people attend to the Confucius Institute to study Chinese. In order to enrich Chinese language learners’ background knowledge, we will introduce some relevant knowledge about the Confucius Institute. Even though the name is the “Confucius Institute”, westerners who […]

Comprehend China through the “Little Ming” in Chinese Listening

November 8, 2013

People who are interested in the Chinese listening while you learn Chinese must be quite interested about the character “little Ming”, “Little Ming” is the most familiar stranger for the post 70s’ and 80s’ generation, and had accompanied the development of the whole generation through constantly appearing in all types of materials, such as the text books […]

Different Applications of Chinese Words 过来

November 8, 2013

It often happens in Chinese language that the same one word may have different meanings when being allocated with different words. One of the typical words that the students who are learning Mandarin Chinese is 过来, which has different meanings in 跑过来, 醒过来and 熬过来. In the three phrases, the first 过来is the basic application, meaning […]


Sarah | Dubai
Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

My teachers are all excellent. They trained the teachers so professionally. I feel like I learn very quickly with my teacher. They are very serious about their students and I know every teacher is like this. I would highly recommend that you come to Keats if you are looking for the best Chinese school in China.

Kim | UK
Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I’ve had an amazing time at Keats. I am amazed at how much I’ve learned over the last 3 weeks and I will be really sad to go. We are already planning on our next trip of coming back because we had such a fantastic time here. They really tailor the Chinese language course to you and your individual needs.

Hilary | USA
Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I’ve had a really great time here. I’ve studied a lot with my teacher who was fantastic. Keats School tried very hard to match its students with really good teachers that their personality works very well together. I really enjoy studying Chinese at Keats and I will definitely come back.

Joleen | Germany
Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

About studying Chinese here, I think the living condition is very convenient because the dorm is very close to the classroom. Our teachers really enjoy teaching Chinese. They are also very passionate. Compared with other cities in China, Kunming has really good weather.

Kristen | Canada
Small Group Chinese Class

I have really enjoyed the Chinese course in China at Keats and meeting the teachers here and the students. We have a lot of fun in class. It is a really great school to learn with good teaching methods and a really good textbook, examples and games, and everything.

Richard | UK
Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

This is my second time coming. Last year, I also came for about 12 weeks. This time I came for 13 weeks of a summer program in China. The reason why I particularly want to come to this school was because of the one-on-one classes. I was able to increase my level and learn Chinese more quickly than in group classes. If I have a chance again to come next year, I certainly will.

Aliza | USA
Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I found Keats School and I am so glad that I did. When you learn Chinese in China at Keats, you are fully being taken care of. My teacher is really great and we become lovely friends.

Josephine | Indonesia
Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I think Keats is one of the best language schools I have ever been to. My teacher is such an amazing person. She is so good at teaching. She makes classes fun. I have learned a lot of vocabulary during my time here. I would really recommend coming to learn Mandarin Chinese at Keats School.

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