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Bangkok Chinese Language Teachers Came to Learn in China

In recent years, many foreigners attach more and more importance to Chinese language learning. According to the news reported by Xinhua News Agency, the foreign learners who study in Chinese language schoolcan learn that the native Chinese language teachers in Thailand Bangkok Board of Education set off to Tianjin Normal University in China on April 2nd, processing the Chinese language skill training and investigation to Chinese culture for about one month.

In total, there are twenty members joined in this visit. Before the beginning of this visit, the Confucius Institute of Mansongde Zhaopiye Royal Normal University arranged a week of intensive training for the total 20 members. The contents of the training include the basic Chinese language knowledge training, the brief introduction of Tianjin and Tianjin Normal University, which were processed with the form of giving lectures. In this way, it will lay a firm foundation for the learners to adjust to the learning and life in Tianjin better.

When being interviewed, all of the participants expressed their expectation to go to China so that they can really experience and feel the profound and outstanding Chinese culture. In addition, they also said that they would make efforts to study Chinese language for the purpose of making contributions to improve theChinese language teaching quality after they back to their country. Since they have made their decisions to make this trip worthwhile, they will definitely try their best to get what they want.

Peng Yuba, the senior supervisor of the Board of Education in Bangkok city extended his gratitude to the Confucius Institute in Bangkok University for the guidance and training for the participants before they left. In addition, he also encouraged the members to study Chinese language hard in Tianjin and know more about the Chinese culture so that to improve the Chinese language level of their own. It would be better if they can make efforts to improve the Chinese teaching quality for the primary and middle schools in Bangkok when they back to the homeland.

As a matter if fact, the Confucius Institute in Bangkok University was established in the year of 2006 with the joint efforts of Bangkok University and Tianjin Normal University. For some of the foreign students who learn Chinese online free, they might have known that the Confucius Institute has established the native Chinese language training courses jointly with Bangkok Education Board, promoting the development of Chinese education in Thailand. 

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