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Xi Luo Du Town in Zhaotong of Yunnan

Xi Luo Du Town is located in the middle part of Yongshan County in Zhaotong city of Yunnan. According to some students who have been there when they study Chinese in Kunming, it next to Minzi Mountain in the east, Shuikou Mountain in the south, Huangcao Plain area in the west and Leibo County of Sichuan province in the north.

The former name of Xi Luo Du was Jing Di. It governs 13 village committees such as Nongchang, Sanping, Sijiao, Tongbao, Shuangfeng, to name but a few. The topography of this area gradually upraises from the southeast to northwest, forming the lowest altitude of 378 meters and the highest point of 2947 meters.

With the total area of 166.4 square meters, the agricultural acreage covers 30013 Mu. In addition, the total grain output reaches 20801 tons, making great contribution to the general economic income of 86.28 million Yuan. The main commercial crops are peanut, sugarcane, orange, peach and plum and pepper but the most famous and precious is the medicine gastrodia.

Of course, many rivers flow through Xi Luo Du Town but the main water resources are Jingdi River, Tiziyan River and Xijiao River. In total, the number of the small ponds in this area reaches 400. When you come tostudy Mandarin in Yunnan, you can go there for travel. And the transportation is also convenient because many roads like Zhaoyong Road, Jinghui Road and Leiyong Road go across the town.

At present, when you step into Xi Luo Du Town, what presents before your eyes is the flourishing and alive scene. After you learn Mandarin in China and go there to travel, you can also see a group of high buildings and wide streets that full of people, presenting a lively scene. The shops and restaurants are densely distributed on both sides of the streets.

In the past, the town was not so lively because it was not so developed. When seeing the present flourishing scene, you may find it difficult to imaging the past situations. When it comes to night, all of the businessmen, constructors and the local citizens come out and gather together to talk about the work or the life. It has developed into a town with strong cultural taste. 

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