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Wu Wang Crusade Against Zhou Wang

The foreign students who start to learn Chinese in China could start to learn Chinese culture with the story from Zhou Dynasty. These interesting stories often encourage the foreigners to study Chinese in China and it occurred to them that to understand the Chinese culture, those stories play an important role.

Since the overseas come to learn Chinese in China, they must have heard lots of stories about Wu Wang, the king of the Zhou Dynasty. Thank to learn Chinese in China; they have common sense about Chinese culture about the history of kings in the early ages in China. After the death of Zhou Wen Wang, his son Ji Fa (Zhou Wu Wang) succeeded him as king, with the help of Zhou Gong Dan and Shao Gong Bi as companies. What’s more, passionately Ji Fa also prepared enough to establish the capital city so that the Shang Dynasty would be overthrew completely.

In the second year of the succession by Zhou Wu Wang, Zhou Wu Wang formed the alliances in Meng Jing in large scale. If you study Mandarin in China, you can see this story in the historic book about Chinese culture. It is said that more than eight hundred of the alliances responded to Wu Wang. Seeing that it had been held successfully, he had published his famous work, Meng Jing Zhi Shi, in Chinese history. On the other hand, the troops controlled by Zhou Wu Wang retreated from the battle without the mature conditions to destroy the Shang Dynasty.

According to the historic books which can be used by the foreign students who learn Chinese in China, in Meng Jing, the troops were ready to set fire to Shang, being stationed around Shang. Although the battle against the Shang Dynasty did not been triggered, the bluster of Zhou troops made Shang under the deep pressure. It seemed that the battle would start in a minute unexpectedly.

On the contrary, for Shang Dynasty, the slave-owner class did not pay enough attention on it, or even there was no any measurement to defend. The increasing scale of corruption among the ruling class blew the expense which was squeeze from the common people at will. This was the present situation of Shang Dynasty recorded in Chinese culture, which had been introduced to the people who study Chinese in China. This had raised the storm against the Shang ruling class from slaves. The resistance from the slave would thus tend to offer better political condition for Zhou to destroy Shang Dynasty.

Through two years of careful preparation, about two 1027 B.C., to destroy Shang for Zhou Wu Wang came to be the destiny under the mature condition in all aspects from the society, together with the death of Bi Gan. The history about Bi Gan has been introduced when you come to study Chinese in China. What’s more, Yin Zhou Wang had kept Wei Zi who was loyal to him away. The best excuse,殷有重罪,不可以不伐,was provided to attack Yin Zhou Wang for Zhou Wu Wang. Zhou Wu could not wait any more, so he had started the war against the Yin Shang Dynasty, uniting with those tribes such as Wei, Peng, Pu, Yong, Shu and so on.

About the 1027 B.C, both two engaged parties, Yin and Shang, launched combat around Mu Ye. This is an important battle at that time so that it can be introduced to the overseas who intend to learn Chinese in China. What’s more, Zhou Wu Wang personally commanded the battle location. The uneven terrain near Mu Ye had facilitated the carriage and troops to join the battle effectively in the respect of Zhou Wu Wang. At the same time, all the main forces in the respect of Shang Dynasty were too far away from the battle to return. Therefore, Shang couldn’t help but push the slaves and the prisoners to go against the battle. If you want to study Mandarin in China, you may figure out the result of the battle.

As a result of corruption and suppress, the slaves and the prisoners hated the ruling of Shang so that they were not able to fight for Shang Dynasty heart and soul. Facing the onslaught from Zhou Wu Wang, the temporary troops were vulnerable to give up in the battle. On the contrary, they were more interested to fight for Zhou Wu Wang rather than Shang Dynasty. Under the strong attract from Zhou Wu Wang, together with the new troops who betrayed Shang, the main force of Shang got waved and torn down into pieces. Unfortunately, as a result of failure in the battle, Yin Zhou Wang returned to Chao Ge and suicide in Lu Tai.

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