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Why It Is Incorrect to Say 突然下雨起来?

After learning the way of expressing that something begins suddenly, the foreign students who study inintensive Mandarin course in China often say 起来like突然下雨起来. As a matter of fact, it is incorrect to say like this. The 起来 that indicates something begins is usually adjective or one single verb. In this case, it is not difficult for the overseas students to understand and use it. For example, 大家都高兴得唱了起来.

However, the Chinese language learners will feel confused if there is object with verb before it. Most students always use 起来by treating it as a fixed verb. What’s more, they may think that the objects should be absolutely followed after the verbs. As a result, they will make mistake like that in the sentences 刚吃完饭,他一个人就躲进房间里看书起来and客人还没走,她就拖地起来.

Another mistake that the students often make when they learn Chinese online free is that they believe 起来should be an entirety after the verb, thus making sentences wrongly like 两个人刚坐下,就谈起来工作了. In all, the students always regard it as a whole instead of separating them.

In order to avoid such condition, the teachers had better teach them by the way of formatting and explaining clearly like verb+ 起+ object +来 , which is the correct structure to express begin to do something with 起来 . Accordingly, we can say刚吃完饭,他一个人就躲进房间里看起书来and两个刚坐下,就谈起工作来了as well as客人还没走,她就拖起地来.

One point that the students should pay attention when they learn Chinese language is the separable words before 起来. If there are separable words are added before it, they should be separated, or it will cause make the mistake like 他刚感冒就发烧起来, which should be 他刚感冒就发烧起来.

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