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Visiting Wuliang Mountain Natural Scenery Protection Area

Before you visit Wuliang Mountain Natural Scenery Protection Area, you need to know the location which is in the upper part of Wuliang Mountain that situated in the territory of Jingdong Yi Autonomous County. Some students who learn Chinese in the city of Kunming may be told that the whole protection area covers an area of 35.03 Mu, with 50 kilometers long from south to north and seven kilometers wide from east to west.

In the division of landform in Yunnan, Wuliang Mountain belongs to the joint part of Zhongshan Canyon area which is in the south of Hengduan Mountain Range, Ailao Mountain and two major geographical regions of Yunnan plateau. About the climate, it is the transitional zone of middle subtropical region and south subtropical region. Therefore, the natural environmental conditions are complex and various. With complex plant species, this area has more than 1500 species of higher plants, making it one of the most representative regions in Zhongshan Canyon.

In addition, the forest coverage rate in Wuliang Mountain Natural Scenery Protection Area is as high as 91%. The main varieties of trees are as follows: fagaceae, camelliaceae, lauraceae, magnoliaceae and the pine species like pinus khasys and pinus yunnanensis. Of course, the students who learn Chinese online free should know there are also many other trees and plants under national protection such as tetracentron sinensis and Chinese yew.

Since the forest climate and climate conditions are complex, Wuliang Moutain natural reserve provides a good place for birds and animals to rest and reproduce. There are 36 species of rare and endangered animals under national protection such as black gibbon, tiger, leopard, golden cat, civet, red deer, goral, mandarin duck and green peacock. The bird’s species there are as many as 271 varieties, accounting for 23.6% of the bird’s species in the whole country and 35.2% of that in Yunnan province.

In the north of Ailao Mountai, the landform is narrow and as high as more than 2500 meters while the south of it is low and wide with the altitude of 1500 meters. If you attend to one-on-one Chinese learning programsin Yunnan, you may be told that the bug altitude difference results in the vertical distribution of vegetation from the water surface of Lancang River to the top of the mountain. It is a good place for scientific exploration, adventure, tour and sightseeing. 

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