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Visiting Shangguan Flower Tianlong Cave Scenic Area in Dali

If the overseas students have been to beautiful Dali city during the process when they learn Chinese in the city of Kunming, they must have known that Dali is famous for the romantics themes of wind, flower, snow and moon. What’s more, the Shangguan Flower and Tianlong Cave Scenic Area in Xizhou with a total investment of 18 million Yuan is widely known because of the four characteristics, namely, viewing Canghai, appreciating flowers, exploring ancient caves and finding ancient relics, attracting many tourists from home and abroad.

Dali Tianlong Cave is an ancient cave at Yunnong Peak of Cangshan Mountain. With the altitude of 2400 meters, Tianlong Cave is about 2400 meters far away from Dali Butterfly Spring. The tourism bus can reach from Boluopang Village to the foot of the mountain where there is a parking lot. After getting off the bus, you can just climb up the mountain along the stone steps and the paths in the mountain.

The famous Tianlong Cave is facing the east with wide cave entrance. With the path of zigzagging shape, the whole length is about one hundred meters. According to the introduction of those foreign students who learn in Chinese learning programs in Yunnan, you can see an arched hall as soon as you step into the scenic spot Tianlong Cave. The stalactites and stalagmites are formed vertically and horizontally.

In the middle of the cave, there is a stone with the shape of giant Chinese dragon, flying among the strange stones with various shapes. You can see different styles of scenes in different places as you walk forward. Since the exit of the cave is on the precipitous rocks, you will feel suddenly enlightened when you go out of the cave. In addition, the places for tourists to have a rest such as kiosks, pavilions and corridors are constructed in Tianlong Cave Scenic Area. There is also a spring with clear water that people can drink.

One thing attracts the tourists to visit Tianlong Cave is that visitors can have a panoramic view of Erhai Lake. Those learners who study Mandarin online should know that the cave is a newly developed cave in Dali. The shapes of the stones in the cave are various such as the squatting lion, the standing tiger and climbing monkey and so on. If you love to explore the myth of the cave, Tianlong Cave is a good choice. 

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