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Understand Chinese Sentences in Listening

When listening, some of the foreign learners who learn Mandarin may feel it is difficult to understand the Chinese sentences in the limited time. Actually, the understanding of sentences is related to two main aspects, namely, words and grammar, which are not complex. Generally speaking, teachers should first ask the students who learn Mandarin listen to the Chinese sentences one by one and answer some choice questions. After teachers write different answers down, they should lead students to listen it again to see whether it is right.

We should realize that teachers’ explanation is essential during the process of learning Chinese Mandarin, especially listening. Some teachers may think the most important thing is to listen to the material repeatedly. However, only when teachers analyze the contents clearly can students understand. Proper explanation is helpful to decrease the listening difficulty as well as gain students’ confidence to learn Mandarin. Besides, it will help to review the learned contents and teach new knowledge.

However, it is not good if teachers explain too much. Since it is listening practice, what teachers should do is to give hint. Therefore, proper analysis is needed.

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