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To Teach Chinese by Situation Stimulating

We learn a certain language for the purpose using it in our daily life. Therefore, we should practice the language in all aspects. For those students who learn Chinese in China, we should help them practice their language skill by all possible effective teaching methods.

For the sake of developing learners’ capability of observing and describing, we can train by the activity named “scene description”. In Chinese language school, teacher first plays a fragment of a video for students, and asks them to describe what they see about two or three hundred words with limited time.

The following fragment could be an example for reference: 某太太拎着菜篮子,气喘吁吁地爬上六楼,拿出钥匙开门,进屋后把买来的菜放进冰箱。她看了看钟,赶紧开始做饭做菜。她洗菜、切菜,打开煤气灶、放油,这时电话响了,她连忙去接听,没说上两句,突然锅里的油着了起来。To achieve a good effect to teach Mandarin language, teacher should tell them to get prepared for a writing practice in advance and watch the video very carefully. It would be better to choose a pantomime as the material.

It is essential for students who study in China to learn some Chinese cultural knowledge. We can take advantage of the difference between the Chinese culture and the Western culture to practice students’ memory ability.

Most Chinese people think that the number “8” is an auspicious number while the westerners think the number “13” is the opposite. So we can play game of counting to study Chinese. But when students meet the number “8” or the multiple of “8”, they should speak the word “发财”, carrying the auspicious meaning. And they should say “倒霉” when it comes to that of the number “13”.

Every certain language has some specific characteristics, which is particularly true for the Chinese language. To gain Chinese language learners’ ability of memorizing the Chinese information, we can train some sentences with Chinese characteristics in Mandarin learning courses.

This game could be processed at the beginning of the new semester. The first student of the first line speaks out his or her name, and the second one repeats the former name and says his or her name, moving on like this. By the same way, we can alter the contents of what students are speaking, for instance, the birthday, even the animal sign of born year if they know.

What’s more, here we have a method with strong practicability because students will learn to use the telephone directory and the public consultation service facilities. It is an effective way to learn Chinese language and to take it into practical use.

It will be played by grouping students into groups of three or four students. Each group will have a telephone directory. Then to learn Mandarin by this way, the teachers will example some scenes or questions for students to find out the relevant telephone numbers.

Here are some situations and questions that teacher can set for students:
① 打算乘船去香港,想了解班船的时间几票价。
② 家中厕所下水道堵塞了,想找管道工人来修理。
③ 费城交响乐团来穗演出,你想了解票价等情况,但还不知道演出的地点。
During the process, students may find out different organizations, so teachers should listen to the reasons and make comments.

Another way of training when you attend school to study Mandarin is to check the map, which is aimed to helping students know and be familiar with the map of China. Teacher first hand out one map of China to each group and they should find out the place according to teacher’s requirement, which can be the historical and cultural cities of China and some famous mountains or rivers.

The best method to learn Chinese is to attend the Mandarin language courses in China because teacher will instruct students according to their language levels and language ability. Then, they can learn quickly and efficiently.

If we want to practice students’ ability of putting what students have learned into the practical application, we should set some true scenes to make students feel it is real.

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