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The Situation of Teacher Teams of Chinese Language Courses in Kazakhstan

In recent years, the population of Chinese learners of Kazakhstan is becoming larger and larger. More students want to learn Chinese in China in the future. Seeing from the geographical distribution of the Chinese learners, the closer the city is to China, the more Chinese learners there are. Alma-Ata——the closest metropolis to China is always the center of Chinese teaching of Kazakhstan. Its teacher quality, student population and teaching scales are the most outstanding one in Kazakhstan. Of course this is because that there are the most Chinese companies here; the frontier trade is the most frequent, there are more job opportunities for people who have learnt Chinese in China and the salary is quite good. As the development of the cooperation between these two countries, the influence of China has been stretched from the south Kazakhstan to the north. Relevantly, Chinese fever spread from the south to the north. Almost every metropolis has Chinese teaching spots. But there are still some insufficiencies of Chinese teaching in this country.

Comparing with other countries, teacher teams of Chinese language courses in Kazakhstan have distinguished regional characteristics. According to the surveys, 80% teachers of Chinese language courses in Kazakhstan are Kazak teachers from Sinkiang, China. The four Chinese teachers in teaching and research section of Oriental Language Faculty of European and Asian University are all Kazak people from Sinkiang, China. Four of the six Kazakhstan National Normal University are Kazak People from China and 11 of the 23 teachers of Chinese language courses are Chinese Kazak people.

The features of the Kazak teachers of Chinese language courses

The mother tongue of these Kazak teachers of Chinese language courses is Kazakh language. Before migrating to Kazakhstan, most of them had been well educated in China and took part in education in China. But only a few of them used to teach Chinese (teach Chinese to national minority).
Some of them were educated in Kazak Nationality elementary and intermediate schools in China. Thus their Chinese knowledge and level are not ideal. In addition to this, their Chinese will become awkward and their pronunciation and grammar will have some mistakes, for they use Kazakh language or Russian in daily life after migration for a long time.

The advantages of the Kazak teachers of Chinese language courses

We cannot deny that the emigratory Kazak teachers of Chinese language courses are the main force of Chinese teaching in Kazakhstan. Because of their efforts, the Chinese teaching of Kazakhstan can be developed completely. They take their mother tongue Kazakh language as the auxiliary language of Chinese teaching, which brings them the irreplaceable advantage of teaching Chinese language courses in Kazakhstan. Therefore we should encourage and make full use of this force and strengthen it as well.

The insufficiency of the emigratory Kazak teachers of Chinese language courses

(1) The insufficiency in the language aspect: their own speech sounds and tones still have certain mistakes or errors, while the pressure of the reality makes them be forced to emerge into the local society. The consequence of it is the ignorance of completing and improving Chinese continuously;
(2) The insufficiency in the teaching experience: when the emigratory Kazak people are seeking jobs, universities will have certain requirements on their education background and majors. However, although most of them have high education experience, they used to be engaged in the education of non-language majors. These teachers of Chinese language courses have not touched language education and lacks of the knowledge storage and experience accumulation before. They depend on exploring in teaching after migration, which limits the improvement of teaching levels.
(3) The insufficiency caused by objective conditions: the income of university teachers in Kazakhstan is generally low and many teachers of Chinese language courses do multiple roles so that they cannot devote themselves completely in teaching. This limits the improvement of Chinese teaching.

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