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The Most Authentic Chinese Word: 七qī

If you learn Mandarin now, you may wonder how Chinese numbers are thought in Chinese people‘s eyes. In the Chinese language, “七qī” represents the number “seven”. On July 7th on the Chinese lunar calendar, there is a festival called “Qixi Festival”—the Chinese Valentine Day. Some Chinese idioms formed with the number “七” and “八bā(eight)” are very interesting. For example, “七上八下qí shànɡ bá xià”, literally means “seven ups and eight downs”, which actually refers to an unsettled state of mind. And “七手八脚qī shǒu bā jiǎo”, literally means “seven hands and eight feet”. When some people is in a great hurry and bustle, he or she would use this word to describe the situation. “七” is a comparatively lucky number in Chinese people’s mind.

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