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The Historical Documentary Named Belief Was Played

The latest news show that the historical documentary Belief was just played to the public for the first time at the comprehensive channel of the China Central Television at nine in the evening of June 24th. This documentary is jointly filmed by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, Party Literature Research Centre of the CPC Central Committee, the Party History Research Center of the CPC Central Committee and China Central Television.

It was reported that the documentary is divided into three series, each lasts for 50 minutes. With the historical background of the 90-year experience of the Community Party, this documentary is expressed by paying attention to the details under the grand historical background. In addition, the students who study in China should know the moving stories of the excellent Communist members in different historical phases such as revolution, construction and reformation, thus profoundly explaining the core values and thoughts of the Communist members.

According to the news came from the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee in recent days, the organizations and departments at all levels are demanded to organize the general Communist members, cadres and the applicants for Party membership to watch this documentary and learn from it. The Communist organizations at the basic level are supposed to organize the watching and learning activities and discuss according to the theme Communist party activities.

For the leading cadres and officials, they need to set the example to watch the documentary and learn from in order to make sure the learning activity can achieve the actual progress. The students who learn Chinese in China can also watch this documentary if they are interested because it will be played in many television channels except for the China Central Television such as China Educational Television, Xinhua News Agency Television, Xinhua News Agency Mobile Phone Television, the local televisions and the modern distance education channels for the Communist carders’ learning.

At the same time, the documentary will be showed in the video networks such as Peoples Network, Xinhua Network, China Center Television Network, Sina Network and Sohu Network. What’s more, the mobile phone information system and the relevant networks in the basic level Communist Party construction have set up the platform for learning and discussing so that the general carders can exchange the discussion through the messages, posts and micro blogs. The DVD version documentary has been published by Yinghua Electronic Audio and Video Press.

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