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The Class Order Should be Established at the Beginning of the Term

In the first day of the term begins, the class order has a profound influence on the formation of the whole class atmosphere. As a result, it will have effect on the efficiency to learn Chinese language. For the teachers who have rich experience, they always establish the class order and standard at the first day of the term for the purpose of smoothing the classroom teaching.

When foreign learners attend to school to study in China, the seat is very important to help their Chinese learning. Even though teachers can’t force students to sit in certain form, they can guide students to sit in different types according to the teaching contents so that it is helpful to carry forward the classroom activities.

In addition, questioning and answering is the basic form of the classroom teaching. Limited by the teaching pace and speed as well as contents, teachers may focus on those students who perform better in class because those students can answer quickly and accurately. For those who learn Mandarin not so effective, they may be neglected and they will be worse. As a result, the excellent students are getting better and the poor ones getting worse.

The last but not least point is to make full use of time. In classroom teaching, teachers usually give many instructions like two students as a team to practice and four as a team to discuss. When students learn Chinese in China by way of practicing in pairs, it can review the sentence patterns that just learned.

The time is limit to practice by questioning and answering. However, some students do not make full use of the time to study Chinese. When the teachers give the order, they may react slowly and waste the time to practice. Therefore, teachers should guide the students to understand the importance of practicing in limited time in class.

At the same time, when teachers give order for discussion, some students may be delayed by the allocation of roles or some details so that affect the accomplishment in time. So teachers should train students who study in China to do everything in limited time. The members of the teams should be fixed so that they can use the time when teachers give assignment.

The class order is very important in classroom teaching. Therefore, teachers should establish proper class order at the beginning of the term for the purpose of promoting better classroom teaching. 

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