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The Chinese Martial Arts

The martial arts were originated from China, it has had enjoyed a long history and has had been developed into one with rich contents and great varieties, which are necessary to be introduced to people waiting to learn Chinese in China.

During the long course of its development and evolutions, the martial arts had been referred to as buge, national martial arts as well as Kongfu during the long history of development People would wonder about the origin of the Chinese martial arts before they settled to study Chinese in China.

The origin of the martial arts would be traced back to the Chinese forerunners activities in seeking survival and development. During the cold weaponry ages, the martial arts served as the techniques in conquering the enemies, the means of self-defense and personal alarm, as well as ways of body-exercising and life-entertaining. And it is evident for foreign students who are about to study Mandarin in China that the functions of Chinese martial arts must differ from that of the modern eras.

With the perfecting and development of the society and human civilizations, the martial arts had largely be separated from the military technologies, evolving into a sports event with the defensive movements as its basic elements, as well as the two forms of routine movements and Sanshou sport under the backdrop of Chinese traditional culture, which is important to be understood when you got the chance to learn Chinese in China

The routine movements of the martial arts is a stylized sport which had arranged the movements into a coherent order according to certain rules, it is not hard to be discovered by the sports fan who’d been to study Chinese in China that they had incorporate the connotations of self-defense into which has had made them quite philosophical and logical.

In addition, it is also include quite common and useful wrestling styles such as the pushing hands style, the short-weapon and the long-weapon style, etc., which can also be studied by friends when you come to study Mandarin in China. It has had been widely agreed by the Chinese people that the Chinese martial arts enjoys high athletic and fitness values, which had won the adornment of people from various cultural backgrounds.

There are up to millions of Martial art practicers across the globe, who had gained health and happiness from doing that, and when you come to learn Chinese in China, it is also commonplace that a large portion of them had taken the martial arts as a lifelong sport and as well as a life style.

During the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Wushu Association in 1998, it is fantastic to be noticed by friends expecting to study Chinese in China that more than ten thousand Chinese shadow-boxing lovers from all over the world gathered in front of the Tiananmen Square to perform the 24-style Chinese shadow-boxing during that day, which was an unprecedentedly grand occasion which had received the focus of worldwide attention.

In China, the investigations on the science of martial arts have had been increasingly socialized, and after you come to study Mandarin in China it is easy to see that the scientific investigations on the Chinese martial arts had evolved to be the crucial constituents of the Chinese martial arts career. People waiting to learn Chinese in China is not difficult to witness that all types of international and national symposia on the research papers of the martial arts are held annually.

The scientific investigation institutions and organization organs of the Chinese martial arts , to be introduced to sports fans wanting to study Chinese in China, includes the Martial Arts Institute of the General Administration of Sports of China, the Martial Arts Brach of China Sport Science Society as well as the Research Councils of China Martial Art Association.

The athletic martial arts has had seen robust growth momentums in recent decades, and foreign students who are interested in Chinese culture of martial arts and is willing to go abroad to study Mandarin in China may take notice of the trend that the martial arts had been grouped into the formal competition events by more and more comprehensive and regional sports meetings. Obviously, the Chinese martial arts have become an integral part of the world sports in playing its unique role for the well-beings of all the human races.

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