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Text Teaching Helps Use Chinese Words

The texts in teaching books for foreigner students to learn Mandarin are complied according to the syllabus and teaching goals. It reflects the comprehensive contents such as pronunciation, words, grammar, Chinese characters and culture. It is the materials for students who learn Mandarin Chinese to train the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as language teaching. Texts are the core of teaching materials and words are accessory materials for compiling materials. Teaching texts contents is helpful to gain the words understanding and application.

The words listed in the texts are mostly new words for learners. If teachers just explain the pronunciation, meanings and applications following the new words list and demand students who learn Mandarin to remember them, the students will fail to understand them and use properly. On the contrary, if the words are explained by putting them into the context and ask students to guess the meanings and usage, it would be effective for them to learn Chinese language. The texts serve for the language teaching. So the context is beneficial to understand the words meaning and application.

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