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Teaching the Most Typical Conditions of the Chinese Grammar Points

If the foreigners have learned Chinese language in qualified Mandarin program for a long time, they will see that a language point can be divided into several different types according to the different difficulty levels. Therefore, Chinese teachers should divide them accordingly and explain respectively when they teach grammar points. It will affect the teaching result if you want to handle them all one for all.

For example, the “把” structure is an important grammar point in Chinese language. It can also be divided into different classifications reflect in the following examples: “我把书放在书架上、请把书打开、可把我累坏了、我把全城都跑遍了”. All of them are often seen when foreigners study Chinese.

Some foreign students who learn Chinese language in China may find that those four sentences can be classified into three types. The “把” in the first two sentences indicate the certain action. The second one implies the result and the last one expresses the place or extent of the action.

In these three conditions, the first one is the most typical. Therefore, teacher should teach it to students firstly. The third condition is difficult for the students who just begin to learn Mandarin language to master. Therefore, they should teach it for the students of the intermediate and advanced levels.

There are also different conditions about the first application of “把” we just mentioned. The first and second sentences are different. Some people think we should teach the latter because it is also frequently seen when foreigners learn Chinese in China. Some other people think we should teach the former one because the structure “S 把OV在/给/到…” can’t be changed as “S-V-O” structure and it is mandatory.

However, the second sentence can be transformed into the structure “S-V-O (请打开书)”. For this kind of “把” structure, the students who study in China can both use it and avoid it. Therefore, most teachers think they should teach the condition in the first sentence because it will bring convenience to understand the “把” structure.

Whatever it is, it is impossible for teachers to teach all conditions of “把” structure. Even teachers can finish teaching but students will fail to master. Therefore, teachers should teach the most typical conditions. 

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