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Teaching Chinese Grammar with Synthetic Method

The synthetic method is an effective method in Chinese grammar teaching. Firstly, teachers help the students who learn Mandarin to get in touch with some specific language phenomenon to do large amount of practice. Then teachers summarize some grammar rules from these language materials. It is a summarizing process from the specific to the general. For example, when the students who learn Mandarin are studying interrogative sentences, we can show all kinds of questions and summarize when they know more. In the process, the teachers can lead them step by step.

Finally, the teachers should give a clear conclusion as well as some specific conditions. Teachers in Chinese language learning program may also apply some implying methods to the teaching. Teachers do not explain anything but just give students enough examples and the students will realize the regular pattern. The synthetic method is effective to motivated the acquired language knowledge and encourage students to learn Mandarin initiatively. When using this method, much importance should be attached to teachers enlightening and leaning roles and the efficiency of the classroom teaching.

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