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Tang Ming Emperor, a Musician

Tang Ming Emperor was the seventh emperor in Tang Dynasty. The reigning period was from year 618 to year 907. In the process of the Chinese history, he was considered as one of the top most brilliant politicians. With his talents on letters and military strategy, he built the prosperous development of Tang Dynasty. Those who had taken the intensive Mandarin courses in China might know the period was called Kai-Yuan-Sheng-Shi in Chinese. During the period, the economy of the empire was boosting quickly and the empire became the most powerful country in the world.

When people talked about Tang Ming Emperor, he was connected with Yang Yuhuan, one of the top four beauties in ancient China. And he was regarded a romantic emperor by the judgment of the love affairs between him and Yang. Some thought he was an expert in romantic affairs. But many people might not know that he was actually good at music and melody. Moreover, he was a musician who was of sensitive hearing.

The father and mother of Tang Ming Emperor were well-educated. They possessed excellent cultural cultivation. Influenced by his father and mother, Tang Ming Emperor was brought up with good education and was in the influence of art. When he was only six years old in the youth, he had presented performance in the palace halls. Due to the brilliant talents, he received care, love and praise from his grandma Wu Zetian. If the foreign students had been to Chinese school in China and learned the Chinese history, then they must be familiar with Wu Zetian for she was the first and only woman emperor in Chinese history.

After Tang Ming Emperor ascended the throne, he set up operatic gardens where the performers were cultivated. The emperor was of great musical talents. And he acted as the supervisor and director of the operatic garden. The emperor was fond of dancing as well. The legend said the famous piece of Rainbows and Feather Dance was created by the emperor. No matter the legend was real or not, the piece was really an excellent work that should be passed from generation to generation. The emperor was also good at different kinds of musical instruments. The emperor made great contribution to the popularity of art and cultivation of art talents, boosting the art exchange between different parts of the world. 

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