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Sugar-coated Haws on a stick

If winter comes, the stalls selling sugar-coated haws can be seen around the streets of Beijing, red, crystal clear, sweet and sour taste, crisp and delicious. It is a favorite snack for northern Chinese in the winter. “Sugar-coated haws” (Tang Hulu) is a fruit with a bamboo stick strung together, its shape is like a “gourd”. Its production is very simple, its main raw materials are hawthorn, with a bamboo stick after dipping them in taffy, taffy meets cold air quickly hardens, and then it becomes crystal clear, bright red candied fruit. The snack is originated in the Southern Song Dynasty. Scientific research shows that hawthorn has to help digestion, lowering blood pressure, and serum cholesterol lowering. Because of its crispy sweet and sour taste, and crystal clear bright appearance, it is loved by the people in north China. Today, the “sugar-coated haws” has more and more varieties, raw materials are no longer limited to Hawthorn, a lot of fresh fruit and dried fruit, such as: water chestnut, yam, walnut, apple, orange and so are used to make sugar-coated haws; cut the large hawthorn from the middle with a knife, fill Zaoni, red bean paste and other ingredients in them. Then they are both beautiful and delicious.

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