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Simplified Instruction of Word of Separation and Reunion

1. Learning word of separation and reunion is one of difficulties in learning Chinese.

Comparatively adequate words of separation and reunion are used frequently. On one hand, it is necessary to learn in primary phase. On the other hand, these words have their particularity in grammatical function. Therefore students often make mistakes in using them.
Words of separation and reunion can be separated or reunion. The best way when we meet with them, is not to make it thematic to explain. 
Firstly, paraphrase the grammar characteristics in simple and easy way. Words of separation and reunion are special. They are verbs as well as have greatness of quantity. But they have verb+noun word construction. They contain the object themselves. So they cannot be used with any other objects. The most obvious feature of these words is that they can be separated or reunion. They are much the same to other verbs when separated. However, it is unusual when word elements are divided in expanding.

2. Now these are summary of difficult Chinese words.

(1) Reduplicate form: v.v. —o.
Interrogative form: v.不v.o..
(2) v.了/着/过o.
A. v.了o.(often numeral complements inserted)
e.g. 我们唱了三个小时的歌。
B. v.着o.
e.g. 我洗着澡,你等一会再给我打电话。
C. v.过o.
e.g. 我从来没用抽过烟。

3. If you want to know more about Chinese words of separation and reunion, please continue to follow up.

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