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Simplicity Is Important in Chinese Teaching

The simplicity of teachers‘ teaching and explanation has great importance for foreign students to lean Mandarin. Therefore, teachers should explain the contents simply with less complements. There are two levels of meaning about the simplicity. The first one that the students who learn Mandarin should know is the simplicity in grammar teaching system. Teachers should summarize the grammatical rules and grammatical terms so that to relieve the students‘ learning burden. The complex explanation may cause misunderstanding and confusion.

Another level of meaning is the simplicity of grammar explanation. It is unnecessary for teachers to explain every point in detail. Sometimes, students who learn Chinese language can understand it by using tones, expressions or gestures. There are two possible ways teachers often use in teaching. One is to explain every application of certain point and then practice to cover the shortage of the teaching materials. Another one is to turn a blind eye to it. But neither of them is helpful to learn Mandarin. Therefore, teachers should pay more attention to how to obey the principle of simplicity in Chinese teaching

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