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Set Goals in Practicing Chinese Language

The proper practice is essential for teachers to process the teaching activities to help the students learn Mandarin. But what important is that every single practice should have certain goal when designing it such as certain skills, some grammar points and words and so on. When foreign students learn Mandarin, they may see some practice looks good. But as a matter of fact, it does no good to reach the goals of designing the practice. Then, such kind of practice is useless.

For example, the possible answers 会, 能 and 可能are all suitable for filling the blank in 今天王平不 来上课了. If teachers in Mandarin language program set this exercise to practice the modal verbs, it is useless because it is only an isolated sentence without any context. Another difficult and important point for students who learn Mandarin to study is 把 structure. But the exercise 你不忘把书带来 is helpless to train the grammar point because it has nothing to do with the main point. Therefore, the practice should stay with the goals.

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