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Seeing Vitality of Chinese Characters

As we all know, Chinese characters have great vitality. When you come to China to learn Mandarin, you should view their vitality for China’s actual conditions. From the view of history, Chinese nation has been a powerful and strong nation for a long period of time. The conditions of economic, cultural, political and military super power have lasted until the Opium War. From the perspective of natural conditions of the main body of using Chinese, those who learn Mandarin should know the people who use Chinese language is the largest because of the large population of Han people.

Seeing from the living space of Chinese characters, we can see China has a wide and vast land. Meanwhile, students in Chinese language learning program should realize that we also have relative closure. In addition, the extensive and profound meanings of Chinese characters are also the main reason of the longevity of characters. During the process when you learn Mandarin, you may find that it reflects not only in the cultural treasures brought by the numerous ancient books, but also in that characters culture has become the social cultural background and environment.

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