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Seal Script of Chinese Characters

Originally, the seal script (zhuan wen) was the collective name of the styles of calligraphy the large seal script and the small seal script. When you come to learn Mandarin in China, you should know we usually regard the small seal script as the seal script later. The small seal script is also called Qin seal script, which is reformed from the large seal script. One thing you should know when you learn Mandarin is that it was the standardized character style at the time the first emperor of Qin Dynasty unified the six states.

In the year 221 BC, the emperor unified the six states and found the characters styles were so different that bring inconvenience to govern the country then standardized the characters. Foreign students who want tostudy Mandarin in China should know something about it. From the relics unearthed, the small seal script was formed from the large one. But students who learn Mandarin may be told that there is no strict boundary to tell them apart. The writing tool was mainly brush pen and the material was usually the bamboo slip.

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