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Realize Problems in Chinese Teaching

The good teaching conditions are effective to help foreign students in Chinese language learning. In order to help them learn Mandarin better, we should firstly realize the problems exist in Chinese teaching work. First of all, the teachers’ management system is not so perfect. Besides, some students may feel the courses offered are not innovative and without characteristics when they learn Mandarin. Of course, some students say that the teaching materials are not scientifically designed.

Another major problem is about the system of teacher appointment. Usually, teachers’ characteristics and the teaching skills are neglected when appointing teachers. When foreigners learn Chinese language, they may feel there is no enough communication about teaching in the learning process. And some students who learn Mandarin think we should do some innovation in Chinese teaching. In addition, most teachers are lack of sense of achievement and sense of collectivity. And the ways of publicizing are no longer effective.

Form all above we can see there still more work to do. We should reform the teaching system and do innovation in the teaching materials and encourage teachers to provide better teaching service.

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