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Purposes of Chinese Reading

In modern life, reading has become an important activity in people‘s life. But what is the purpose of reading? For knowledge and information or for recreation? Foreigners who learn Mandarin should realize that the knowledge we need to know is increasing with the quickening pace of life. Therefore, they need to know what exactly they want from the reading so that they can find what they need in reading when they learn Mandarin. The purposes I just mentioned above are the most common ones for the first language reading.

Generally speaking, the reading purpose of the second language learners can be divided into three types. The first one that the learners who learn Mandarin Chinese hold is to improve the level of the target language. The second one should be acquiring knowledge and information. Besides, there are some functional purposes like pass the exams, find a good job, go abroad, etc. It is studied that the people who learn Mandarin for the first purpose has the largest proportion. The learners who regard knowledge and information as the purpose have better performance in reading test than those who read for improving language skills.

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