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Practice Chinese by Answering A List of Questions

The purpose of learning a certain language is to use the language to express what we want to say. Therefore, to improve students’ language skills to learn Mandarin better, we should help them practice more from the basic elements.

After learning new words, they should train more to make sentences and then passages. In this essay, the point is to practice the series of sentences expression to help them learn to speak Chinese.

The first method will be discussed is to train their ability of expressing after listening. Firstly, the teachers read one passage or one text for students. The students should listen carefully without looking at the contents. And then students should answer the questions raised by the teachers. Teachers can ask question one by one and finally ask students to answer by piecing them together. To study Chinese better, teacher can also raise one question and students answer comprehensively after thinking and discussing.

Here is an example to illustrate this method. Aiming at the first passage of “《现代汉语教程读写课本》(第二册)95课”, teacher can asking students “为什么‘我’会实在有点儿害怕?”. For this question, students can be inspired to read more about the following contents and understand the whole text. This is a good method to inspire students learning Mandarin Chinese.

But the teacher should pay more attention to the speed of reading. It is important to improve students according to different levels of students.

Besides, the capability of describing is very important for speaking Chinese. One beneficial method is to help the students learn Mandarin in China by drawing pictures according to description. The class will be divided into two groups, one student describes the picture and the other one draws accordingly. Two students can talk during the process. After finishing drawing, students will make comparison between the original picture and the drawing and talk about the differences.

Of course, this game can be played by another way. Each student has one different picture. After describing the picture, change the pictures with the partner and draw the other picture according to the description by the other students. This version often applied to the Chinese school in China.

What’s more, the following game can train students both in listening and oral Chinese as well as the grammar items like “是……的” and “了”. Let’s explain more to help students who learn Chinese in China. It seems happens on the court. Teacher points one to act as a judge to question two suspects. According to the given situation, they should ask and answer questions properly.

This way is a great help in qualified Mandarin program. For instance, the teacher first explains the case briefly like: “昨天晚上xxx在留学生宿舍205房间里被人谋杀,凶器是一把小刀,据法医推定,作案时间在7电至9点之间。Then the pair of students should make up what did they do during the time seven to nine o’clock. Then the judge will ask a series questions to the “suspects” like “昨晚九点一刻你在哪儿?”, “还有谁在那儿?”, “你为什么去那儿?”, “还有谁和你一起?”, “他什么时候和你分手的?”, “他穿什么颜色衣服?”, etc.

This method is very helpful for students who study in China because all the questions asked are closely related to the daily life talk. And after training those useful expressions, the learners can not only understand the usage but also can remember firmly because they learn with great interest. This can reach the goal of using language.

But students should have a good organization on what they will say or it will cause misunderstanding if they speak disorderly. So it is a point to practice when you learn Chinese language in China. Teachers can prepare some cards with story that just have beginning for students. After preparing two or three minutes, students should complete the story with more than five sentences. It would be better if the story is interesting.

All in all, to use Chinese language better, learners should first listen correctly and express what they want to say logically, thus reaching the goal of communicating smoothly.

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