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Performing Beijing Opera in Istanbul Drama Festival

During the period from May 7th to 8th, Beijing Opera Troupe was invited to Istanbul to perform in the opening ceremony of the 18th session of Istanbul International Drama Festival. Just as some students who attend to free Chinese lessons know, Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and very famous in the world. You should also know that this drama festival is one of the most important preprograms held in 2012 which is regarded as the Turkey’s Chinese culture Year. Beijing Opera Troupe performed the quintessence of Chinese culture Beijing Opera to the local citizens.

Many people were attracted to participate in the opening ceremony to watch the performance, including some important relevant leaders such as China’s consul general to Istanbul Zhang Qingyang and the vice consul general Tian Kaisheng, China’s cultural counselor to Turkey Embassy Yu Jian and the vice governor of Istanbul as well as the director general of Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation. In addition, there were also many people in Turkey who love drama and Chinese people in Turkey watched the performance. The total number of audiences was more than 800.

It is the first time that Beijing Opera Troupe has held the specialized performance in Turkey. Therefore, many famous Beijing Opera programs were presented to the Turkey audiences such as Farewell to My Concubine, San Cha Kou, Zuo Gong and Gui Fei Zui Jiu and some other classical items. In order to help more Turkey people know more about Beijing Opera, the opera troupe also arranged the performers to show the facial makeup in Beijing Opera to the audiences before the performance was started.

In addition, the organizing committee of the art festival and the embassy as well as the Ministry of Tourism in Turkey especially prepared the Turkish language translation for the purpose of helping the audiences know the plot better, including the part Tear and Sword in Farewell to My Concubine, Nightfall and Fighting in San Cha Kou and Order and Promise in ZUo Gong as well as Flower and Wine in Gui Fei Zui Jiu. It presented a special performance which was full of traditional Chinese culture and the unique oriental atmosphere, winning a series of applause.

Istanbul international Drama Festival is a high quality and level art festival with the greatest influence in Turkey, with more than 50 programs and 200 performances in the whole year. Besides, Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe and Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe also participated in this festival.

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