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Pay Honor to Chinese Language Teachers

As the number of foreigners who learn Mandarin is increasing, the teachers who teach Chinese as a foreign language is also improving. It was reported that there were 17 thousand volunteer Chinese teacherssent to the Confucius Institute around the world by the end of 2010. The excellent Chinese teachers are not only distributed in foreign countries, but also the domestic areas. When you learn Mandarin in China, teachers may tell you that the conditions of the Chinese teachers abroad are really tough. They have to overcome some difficulties they never met.

Since the Chinese teachers who work abroad spend their youth in the Chinese teaching independently and overcome so many difficulties, the foreigners who learn Mandarin Chinese should pay honor to Chinese language teachers. Besides, we should also offer some practical help to them at the time we praise them like providing better chances for them to promote and study further. Of course, when you learn Mandarin, you may be told that the issues after they come back after teaching abroad also need concerns because of the great contribution they made.

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