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Mechanical and Communicative Practice in Chinese Learning

From the perspective of nature of practicing, the development of the practice should from the mechanical practice to the communicative practice. When foreigners learn Mandarin, it is not enough for them to practice mechanically. In the same sense, only practicing in communicative way will fail to reach the results we expect. Therefore, only when foreigners who learn Mandarin lay a form foundation by the mechanical practice and get well-prepared for the communicative practice can they practice the Chinese effectively and reach the satisfying result.

There are two possible conditions happen by practicing in this way. The foreign students who study Mandarin in China may feel embarrassing before training because lack of the teachers’ guidance and essential warming-up. Besides, teachers may also feel embarrassing after the practicing because there are so many mistakes in students’ homework. Therefore, the best way to help students who learn Mandarin should be do mechanical practice after explaining some basic structures, then process the communicative practice gradually. In this way, students are prepared before practicing and do the homework better, thus reaching a beneficial result in Chinese learning.

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