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Mandarin Chinese Information Gaining and Communicating Ability Training

After students learned Chinese language for a period of time, they can use some simple language. However, to learn Mandarin better, students need to train their ability of describing things and communicating information.

There is a method to help students improve capability of expressing and communicating and reorganizing information. To teach Mandarin language with this method, teacher first prepares two different sorts of written materials, the hands them out to students sit in different lines, ensuring they got different materials from desk mate. Then they learn Chinese language by transmitting information to the other with language communication, and with the same way to gain information from the partner.

For example, the students in the first line hold the form with the following information in it: “姓名:谢立新;年龄:30;身高:175;健康状况:良好;相貌:端正;职业:医生;文化程度:大学毕业;爱好:文学;收入:1200元”. For the convenience of varying the materials to study Chinese, another line of students will get the chart with the following information in it: “姓名:杨毛毛;年龄:6岁;性别:男;身高:1米左右;长相:圆脸,大眼睛;衣着:咖啡色衣裤白色童鞋;其他特征:左耳下边有一颗黑痣,只会说上海话”.

It is a common way used at Chinese language school. The students of the first line are supposed to describe the features of the marriage-seeker according to the materials and help the second line of students to complete the following 《征婚启事》:
谢立新, 。

Then, students exchange the role to study Chinese by the same way to complete the “寻人启事” when describing the features of the lost boy.

The whole process is divided into four steps: input information, exchange information, complete task with information and check information. Attending school to study Mandarin, students’ description will be read themselves and teacher will make a comment and correct it.

Another training item is the words of location. If you go to school to study in China, teacher will instruct you to practice by picturing. Let’s see how it works.

When you learn Chinese in China, teacher first prepares a simple picture of the school yard for every student. Then teacher draws the outline of the school gate and campus on the blackboard. Then find a volunteer to the platform to draw the picture according to the other’s description. For example, the volunteer should mark the position roughly if one student says “留学生楼在学校大门的右边” or “图书馆在留学生楼的前边”. It is an efficient way to practice the words of location and it is suitable for many Mandarin learning courses.

There are many interesting and stimulating teaching techniques for learning Chinese if you study in China. Most of them are designed to enhance students’ creativity.

For the two practical methods mentioned above, students can train initiatively by grouping to improve the information gaining and expressing skills.

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