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Locution Teaching in Chinese Language

As a part of the idiom, the locution plays a very important role in Chinese language. It uses the simple words to express the rich contents. Therefore, it is commonly used in Chinese people’s daily conversation. However, the common locution becomes the barrier for the foreigners to learn Mandarin and understand the meaning. Therefore, the locution teaching becomes more important in Chinese teaching.

We can see many locutions appear in most teaching materials. And most foreign learners show great interest in them when they study Chinese. But students often come to ask teachers the meaning of the locutions because they are too difficult to understand for them. Some teachers may have noticed that there are many locutions in the listening and reading comprehension. Therefore, the locution becomes an important factor to improve their language skill.

The importance of the locution can’t be neglected in the daily communication. For the foreigners who come to learn Chinese in China, learning locution is beneficial to increase the vocabulary and enrich their expressions, thus improving the language level. When using locution, learners should know that the meaning is integral. It is not the simple combination of several parts. There are two levels of meanings of the locution, namely, the surface one and the deep one.

Besides, the locution is separable. For example, we can say both 碰钉子 and 碰了个大钉子. The inserted parts make the meaning more vivid and correct. One thing that the students who learn Chinese should know the locution should be used in the informal situations because they are very oral. There are three kinds of meanings: the positive, the negative and the neutral.

In classroom teaching, teachers should pay attention to the choosing of the locution. Generally speaking, the locution with positive leading meanings should be chosen as the teaching examples. In addition, teachers should select the newly locution to teach those who study in China. Of course, the examples should be those frequently used by Chinese people and understandable.

In the next, teachers should pay attention to explain the locution properly. They should explain from the aspects of structures, meaning and application. There are all kinds of structures in Chinese locution. In Mandarin learning courses, teachers don’t have to ask the students remember the structures. All they should do is to help learners understand by explaining the structures.

There are two levels of meanings in locution. Therefore, teachers should attach importance to both aspects when they teach Mandarin language. The literal meaning is the basis of understanding while the figurative meaning is the soul of the locution. The later one is the meaning expressed in daily conversation. What’s more, the cultural meaning is also important because the locutions are related to Chinese culture.

Training learners’ ability of using language properly after they study Mandarin Chinese is an important aspect in Chinese teaching. And the locution has special significance in intercultural communication because of the strong cultural coloring. Therefore, it is necessary for teachers to help students use the locution properly in practical communication. Teachers should teach them from three aspects.

There are always important points need to be emphasized in different types of structures of the locution. Teachers in Chinese language school can expand the words or change the word order in the locutions so that the students can put them into use flexibly. For example, when teaching 开夜车, teachers can also offer 开了几天夜车 or 夜车开得太多.

The locutions can be used only in informal situations and they imply different emotional colorings. Most of them are negative meanings. Therefore, it is essential for teachers to explain clearly so that the students can use properly when learning Mandarin Chinese. Besides, teachers should create the contexts for students to use the locution. It will be more direct and can be remembered easily.

Since the locution is so important in Chinese teaching, teachers should pay more attention to analyze the structure, explain the meaning clearly and help students understand and put it into use properly, thus improving their language skill.

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