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Live Chinese Teaching and Second Language Acquisition Environment

From the 1980s on, the live Chinese teaching has gone through decades of years’ teaching practice, especially in recent years, the appearance of relevant teaching materials continuously improve the teaching results. The foreigners who learn Chinese online free may know the acquisition of the first language and the second language has some common regularities. But there are also many differences between them. Since the live Chinese teaching realized so many differences, the extremes and shortages are avoided in teaching process.

Generally speaking, for the learning of non-target language environment, the teachers and students always have the same intermediate language to provide convenience to teach the grammar rules and cultural backgrounds. In this case, the students trained always have stronger ability in reading but weaker ability in listening and speaking skills. Even though the learning of different environments has their own advantages and shortcomings, the target language environment seems more attractive to the people.

But is everything OK when the learners are studying in the target language environment? The answer is definitely no. Some foreign students who learn Mandarin in China do not make full use of the Chinese language environment. It has no difference with the language learning in their own countries if they just stay at dormitory to read books after classes. On the contrary, some students realized the importance of theChinese language environment to the language acquisition but neglect the class teaching and the language points in the books. Even though they learned many social expressions, their language levels are still low.

There are many reasons why both kinds of students mentioned failed in Chinese language learning. Some reasons can be found in the teaching which is separated with the language reality and has the inflexible teaching methods and old-fashioned teaching materials and the monotonous course arrangement. To improve this condition, some teachers may arrange some visiting activities which are necessary but also fail to solve the problems radically.

In some teaching courses, teachers often bring students to the real social activity sites to do some functional practices such as making phone calls, shopping and sending letters and so on, which will increase their interest in learning Mandarin Chinese. But it also can’t be regarded as the only way because it has randomness in operation. The live Chinese teaching is trying to solve this problem radically.

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