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Lesson 25 – Intermediate – How to Use 打断 and 兴奋?

To learn Chinese words is an important step to acquire Chinese language. The foreign students often learn the words one by one because they will be easily confused if they learn too many at a time. However, a good method is to study in the reading process because many difficult words seem easy to understand when they are put in the actual language environment. In the following parts, several common words such as 打断、兴奋、与世无争、朦胧and安慰will be learned in the specific sentences.

First of all, let’s move our attention to the incomplete sentence听说明天的课要到动物园里去上,孩子们( )地欢呼起来, in which should be filled with 兴奋. Just as some of the students who study in free Chinese lessons know, the basic meaning of 兴奋is to describe somebody is excited with something. In this sentence, the children are excited when hearing the news of having class in the zoo.

When we use the word 打断, we usually mean to interrupt someone or something, especially the conversation of talking the word 打断itself contains this level of meaning. Accordingly, the sentence 我刚开口,他就不客气地( )了我的话should be completed with the word 打断. For the word 朦胧, it is more often used to describe something is not so clear to see. It is usually seen in the sentence indicating the scenery like 在朦胧的月光下,花儿仿佛在牛奶中洗过一样.

Another important word is 与世无争which carries the meaning of not quarrelling with the people in the society. The point that the students who learn Chinese need to know is that it is a kind of life attitude to avoid the contradiction and also seek for the natural life. Therefore, it is proper to fill it in the sentence 中国道家提倡的与世无争的处世哲学,看上去似乎很消极,其实并不尽然. And the word 安慰is a verb to console somebody because someone is upset like 她最近心情不好,你去安慰一下她吧. 

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