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Lesson 25 – Elementary – Paying Attention to Words Learning in Reading

If the learners pay much attention in the process of reading, they can find that many important words can be learned in the sentences or passages read. As a result, the relevant practicing exercise that demands the students choose the right words to fill in the blanks are set to improve the Chinese language skills of the students. In the following parts, learners are supposed to complete the sentences with the giving words such as希望、风光、收集、利用and需要.

Of course, before you fill those words into the proper blanks, the teachers in HSK preparation program in China would tell you to know the basic meanings of those words first of all. And the words mentioned above mean respectively to hope, scenery, to collect, to make use of and need. Let’s move our attention to the first sentence他常( )暑假去一家公司打工, which has the meanings that somebody spends the summer holiday in working in a company. We can learn that the word needed in the blank should be a verb, and then we can try the word利用, meaning to make use of something.

For the sentence 我( )毕业以后能当翻译with the meaning of hoping the speaker can realize the dream of being a translator after graduation. It expresses a kind of hope of realizing something. Therefore, 希望is the best choice to fill the blank. When you see the sentence学好一门外语( )时间,着急是不行的, you should firstly find out the relation between the former part which means to learn a foreign language better and the latter part which is the time. We can see the logic of this sentence is learning a language needs time, hence filling 需要.

The word 风光is also frequently seed for most foreigners who learn Chinese, which is a noun to mean scenery. Therefore, in the sentence 坐火车去可以看看铁路两边的(),which means to enjoy the scenery along the railway, the best choice should be the word 风光. As a verb with simple meaning of collecting something, 收集is proper to be filled in the sentence 我这次来时为写论文()资料的.

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