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Lesson 13 – Intermediate – Learning Chinese Words 素质, 即使, 混, 未来 and 发展

When foreigners are practicing the reading skills in free Chinese lesson, they often see some practice patterns for you to complete the sentences by filling the blanks with the proper words according to the meanings. The following exercise is an example you may see in free Chinese lesson. 信息教育的特点就是要求那种 生性腼腆的人与陌生人在一起,也能很快地与对方 个脸熟,这样他就能在社会里迅速找到自己的排列组合,适应社会的 。这种关系的建立达到更高层次,产生的结果就是创新。

If you learn Chinese online free, you may see the proper words for filling the blanks are perceptively 素质, 即使, 混, 未来 and 发展. But you should know why after learning in free Chinese lesson. The paragraph is about the features of information quality education ( 信息 素质教育), in which the even ( 即使) the shy person can get familiar with others (混个脸熟) soon and adapt to the social development ( 社会的发展 ) in the future society ( 未来社会).

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