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Learning New Words and Expressions in the Real Scene

learning Mandarin Chinese sometimes is a tedious process, teachers of Chinese school in Chinashould think of some methods to make the courses interesting and lively.

The teacher of qualified Mandarin program will share a good teaching approach with all the Chinese teachers. According to the teaching contents, teachers can choose the lively sceneries around and lead students who study Chinese to go to the nature or society classroom so that the emotion experience or study innovation desire of students will be stimulated. In this process, teachers can import new knowledge and lay foundation for classroom teaching.

Let’s look at one of the teaching models. When teacher was going to teach some knowledge about “婚礼” inChinese culture, she led students who learn Chinese in China to take part in a Chinese wedding and experience the warm scene and taught them the new knowledge in proper time. But before the class, the teacher also asked the students to prepare for the relevant knowledge and vocabulary.

Teacher: 中国人结婚时会在酒店里举行什么呢?
Students thought about the question and answered. The teacher then taught the students to learn to speak Chinese word “婚礼”.
Teacher: 酒店大厅的上方是什么?
Students: 红灯、绿灯……
Teacher imported the word and phrase“彩灯”→“挂着彩灯”.
Teacher: 酒桌上有什么?
Students: 烟、酒。
The teacher imported new words and phrases“喜烟、喜酒”→“摆着喜烟、喜酒”.
Teacher: 新郎、新娘在干什么?
Students who learn Mandarin thought for a while and answered: 给客人倒喜酒。
The teacher imported “不停地”、“热情”→“不停地给客人倒喜酒”→“他们很热情”.
Teacher: 酒店里有彩灯,很漂亮,新郎、新娘很热情,大家说说笑笑的,很高兴,我们可以怎么说呢?

The students thought about it and the teacher taught them the expression “气氛很好”……

By joining a real Chinese wedding, the students could not only experience the warm atmosphere of Chinese ceremony, but also memorize and comprehend many relevant Chinese words and expressions. This is the greatest advantage to learn Mandarin in China for overseas students.

Here is another teaching model. According to the text, the teacher was going to teach the students who study in China some new knowledge about “商场”, she led the students to visit big shopping mall. During the process, the teacher taught them according to the scenes in front or their eyes and the questions that the students asked.

The teacher taught the students to study Chinese expressions like “装饰,应有尽有”by making use of the layout and commodities and made a sentence: 这个商场装饰得很漂亮,东西应有尽有。 She took the advantage of the attitudes of the attendants to teach the students “热情、亲切、冷漠” by making a sentence: 有的服务员很热情,有的服务员很亲切,有的服务员有点儿冷漠。Seeing the customers trying on clothes, the teacher taught the students the new words “打扮、显得” and after this the teacher asked students to make sentences. One of the students said, “那个女孩子打扮得很时尚,她穿那条裙子显得很漂亮。”

In the end of teaching, the teacher asked students to choose another scene and let students to use the new words they had just learnt to describe the scene.

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