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Learn to Raise Questions, Introduce, Use Exaggeration and Memorize

After students learning some basic words and grammar points, the most important thing is to put what they learned into use. Therefore, for the learners study in China, we should improve their language skill on all sides.

When it comes to the daily talk, students should be able to ask questions and have adaptability to changes to keep the conversation. To help students learn Chinese in China in this aspect, we can practice by raising a series questions with “吗”.

First of all, one student thinks one thing in the mind, which might be a kind of profession or sports activity. The other students should guess what it is after being given a limit such as “是日常用品”, “一种文具”, “一种职业” and so on. In order to learn to speak Chinese, the other students should guess by asking questions with “吗” like “这种东西能吃吗?” “是木头做的吗?”. But that student should answer with short and brief words like “是”, “对”, “不能”, etc.

The thing to notice is that the student puts forth a riddle can’t change the answer to the riddle during the game, and should try to make the common things as a riddle. To show more about how to learn Mandarin, this riddle can be someone of the class without obvious characteristics or some verbs or phrases.

It would be better if students can express with smooth paragraphs. We can train students to use the exaggeration to learn Mandarin in China. Divide the class into two groups, each group elect one good bragger to compete for the braggadocio. Teacher can either let students prepare in advance or give a topic for them such as the family, things of home or people have seen and so on.

Of course, teacher can give one or two examples from jokes or the cross talks. The following one can be a reference for students study Chinese: “有一位女士总想让人知道她有多少珠宝,如何富有。有一天她对身边一位老太太夸耀说‘我用温水洗钻石,用红酒洗红宝石,用白兰地洗绿宝石,用鲜牛奶洗蓝宝石。’老太太听了,微微一笑:‘窝根本不洗,如果脏了,我就扔掉。”

In our daily conversation, we often introduce ourselves to someone else. Therefore, for the purpose of teaching students who like learning Mandarin Chinese how to introduce somebody, we can train them by describing the pictures.

Two students are grouped as a team to describe the pictures or photos given by the teacher. During the description, they should try to judge the age, gender, occupation, hobbies and interests, strong points and so on. To encourage students’ initiative to learn Chinese language in China, the more overall they describe, the better.

Fluent oral Chinese is based on good resolving ability and memory capability. The following game will teach students how to study Chinese to reach the goal of having good memory and fluent oral language.

Each writes his own information on the cards such as gender, habits and customs, hobbies, family background, personal experience and age if he is willing to. After students introduce themselves one by one, the teacher disorders the cards and hands the out to the students. Two students gather as a team to learn Mandarin by asking questions and guessing who is the person described. But they are not allowed to ask the name directly or it is meaningless to play the game.

To enrich the teaching contents, teachers can practice it by using some background knowledge of some famous person. It would be better if there are some pictures attached. Meanwhile, teacher can do some tiny changes on the contents. Teacher can ask them to be familiar with the cards and remember the details and then ask questions.

Totally four methods are discussed in the above parts to train students’ ability to express in their daily conversation. If students want to improve their language skills, they must practice the Chinese language on all sides.

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