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Learn Chinese with Chinese Teaching and Learning Dictionary

The Chinese Teaching and Learning Dictionary is a good tool for foreigners to learn Mandarin, which is often used by the foreign adults who have language ability and sound thinking ability of acquiring their native languages. Besides, all of them can learn Mandarin initiatively with clear purposes. But Chinese learningis different from the study of native languages. Therefore, the dictionary compiling should take these features into consideration so that they can understand, imitate and master Chinese language.

According to the Chinese language level and the practical need of the foreigners who learn Chinese language, this dictionary collects the words of the elementary and intermediate levels, that is, the commonly used words. In order to help them understand more about the characteristics of Chinese characters when they learn Mandarin, this dictionary also lists some frequently used compound words and some morphemes and syllables in polysyllabic words. Besides, you can see some words that indicates the changes happen inChinese language in this dictionary like  社区, 网络, 窗口, etc.

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