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Learn Chinese Mandarin Spoken Language by Games

One important thing for students to study Chinese effectively is to open their mouth to speak more. Describing pictures is a good way to train their oral language. According to teaching contents and students’ language levels, teachers provide a brief, simple, understandable picture related to the teaching contents to the students. Then the students should describe the contents in the pictures as detailed as possible.

This method is very proper to use after learning the “是” structure to practice “这是什么” and “那是什么”. For the students who learn Mandarin at the intermediate level, they need to describe the environment and the situations. For the students of advanced level, they can describe some mental activity.

Another interesting game for practicing the oral language and ability if describing things is “to find the shoes”. Every student takes off one shoe at the door and back to the seats. Students study in Chinese school in China should describe the appearance of their shoes. The description should be brief and clear about the features.

After the first one student describes his shoe, the teacher should go to find it. Then the student should go to find out the shoe according to the second student’s description. This game will greatly increase their interest in learning Mandarin Chinese, especially when the shoe is wrongly picked up. For the incorrect description, teachers should point out and correct in time.

The game “finding the right order” is also an effective method. Two students work as a team and sit face-to-face. Teachers will give each team two pictures with eight to ten people on them. The figures in the pictures are all the same in all aspects except for the order. Students who learn Mandarin can practice oral Chinese in this way.

The figures in the first picture have names but the second one has no names. Therefore, student A should describe the persons in the picture in detail and also speak out the names. Another student should tell the persons apart according to the description. Students who study in China should never look at the other picture. It is good for training the skill of describing people.

The ability of describing a certain things is very important in the process of Chinese learning. The three methods listed above are effective students to train their oral Chinese by describing the things. 

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Rients testimonial for keats chinese school

Rients | Netherlands

Small Group Chinese Class

Kunming is a great place to learn Chinese because not many Chinese on the street speak English. Keats has been a great school for me and a lot of other foreigners who studied in china recommended it to me. I think they are all right. The study method here is really structured. They make learning Chinese really easy. There are also a lot of cultural and natural places to visit.

Robert testimonial for keats chinese school

Robert | Netherlands

Small Group Chinese Class

Since last semester, we started studying Chinese at Keats. It was the best choice we can ever make. It is a really good school. The classes are a lot of fun, you learn a lot, but very interactive, so you talk a lot which means it is not just books and writing. Kunming is a really pleasant city to live, especially if you compare it to other cities in the east. If you like to travel, if you like to study Chinese in a fun way, Keats is the place for you.

Matteo testimonial for keats chinese school

Matteo | Italy

Small Group Chinese Class

Ida testimonial for keats chinese school

Ida | Italy

Small Group Chinese Class

I have studied at Keats for 2 semesters. I highly recommend Keats School. If you are very interested in Chinese culture, I would suggest you come to Kunming. Kunming people are very friendly. The weather in Kunming is great. So I recommend that you study at Keats in Kunming.

Testimonial for Chinese lessons

Faith | UK

Intensive One on One Chinese Classes

I have 2 teachers, and I do 4 hours a day. So I have got Dong Laoshi and Jin Laoshi. Both of them are very good. They made the experience very nice to me. They are willing to help you whenever, so if you ever have a question here, the teachers are always there to help you whether it is visas, whether it is getting around the city. Everyone wants to talk to you.

Kim | UK

Intensive One on One Chinese Classes

I’ve had an amazing time at Keats. I am amazed of how much I’ve learned over the last 3 weeks and I will be really sad to go. We are already planning on next trip of coming back because we had such fantastic time here. They really tailor the course to you and your individual needs.

Stew testimonial for keats chinese school

Stew | UK

Small Group Chinese Class

The place is very cool. I am with a great group of people in my class, so coming to classes is very enjoyable. It is fun, we have a lot discussions, games, activities. Our teachers are also very good, very supportive. Learning Chinese is intimidating at the start because you have so many questions. But I would advise coming to Keats because the atmosphere for learning is great. It is very relax. I would recommend the school.

Sarah testimonial for keats chinese school

Sarah | Dubai

Intensive One on One Chinese Classes

My teachers are all excellent. They trained the teachers so professionally. I feel like I learn very quickly with my teacher. They are very serious about their students and I know every teacher is like this. I would highly recommend that you come to Keats.

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