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Learn Chinese in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of popular places to learn Chinese in China. You can experience the unique southern culture of China when you learn Mandarin Chinese there. But you are aware of the Cantonese there. Sometimes it will be a obstacle of learning Mandarin Chinese.

“Sui” is a short name for Guangzhou. It has other nicknames, so you can call it “Suicheng”, “Suiyuan”, “Xiancheng” or “Huacheng”. Before China’s liberation, it was called “Old Provincial City”. Locating in the south part of Guangzhou, Zhujiang River Delta and south China, its location is very advantageous. As it is by the side of the South China Sea and close to Hong Kong and Macao, its location has got more superiority. It used to be the start of Marine Silk Route and be called “China’s Southern Entrance”, as Xijiang River, Beijiang River and Dongjiang River are converging here.

As it belongs to subtropical climate, Guangzhou gets annual average temperature of 22℃ with the highest temperature of 39.1℃. The hottest month is July. The coldest month is January. Each year, as much as 1,982.7 millimeter rain water falls onto Guangzhou to moisten this marvelous land. For the whole year, April, May and June are its seasons. August and September are the hottest seasons haunted frequently by hurricanes. But October, November and December prove to be the best and most agreeable seasons to traveling.

Besides learn Mandarin in Guangzhou, it is a good place full of integrated, multifunctional tourism destinations which provides travelers with different levels of travel, foods and drinks, shopping and entertainment. Many and various cultural and historic relics make travelers enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave.

Cantonese cuisine gained it fame not only from its shape, color, but also from flavor and yummy. Together with many other cuisines from home and abroad, travelers can really enjoy themselves with countless flavors. Speaking of hotels, here in Guangzhou you can find five stars hotels and many economical ones.

Guangzhou is one of major cities that are open to the outside world. As it is a China’s window opened to the outside world, there are many foreigners who come to Guangzhou for business and travel. In recent years, there are more and more people coming from Africa and Meddle East to seek their opportunities. Guangzhou, therefore, got another nickname called “the Capital City of the Third World”. Statistics showed that the number of black people is increasing with an annual rate of 30 to 40 percent. It is said that by now there are 0.2 million people living in Guangzhou. In 2010, Guangzhou city’s total output value reached 1,060.448 billion Yuan with a year growth rate of 13.0 percent, ranking third of those cities whose GDP surpassed billions.

Guangzhou, a city which enjoys over 2,200 years’ civilization, has been very famous in history and modern time. Its historic and cultural heritages are rather many and very well-known by the whole world. I would like to list some for you here. They are Zhenhai tower, Nanyue tomb, The Chen Clan Academy, Six Banyan Temple, Guangxiao Temple etc. Guangzhou is also an ideal place for chopping and eating, for you can find many and varied unique snacks in Laoxiguan, a place you can really take a look at well-preserved old buildings with all kinds of snacks selling on the markets. On the pedestrian streets, travelers can enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave.

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