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Leading Chinese Classes by Correcting and Playing Games

Language learning itself is a boring process. Some of the foreigners who learn Chinese in China, they may think Chinese characters are difficult to remember firmly and that the Chinese language is very difficult to learn. Actually, most foreign learners feel this way. In this situation, teachers should take some effective measures to lead students to study step by step with interest. In this article, several leading methods will be introduced to help students learn.

Because of the different language characters, some westerners often make some typical mistakes when they learn Mandarin in China. Therefore, teachers can make full use of these typical mistakes for students to make judgments and analyses which then lead to new teaching content. Teachers can first list the mistakes intentionally and then guide them into the new teaching points after leading them to find the mistakes.

The contents include the words meaning, the similar words in appearance as well as the word formation. For instance, if the teaching point is the word “休息”, teachers can write it as “体息”. After guiding them to realize the wrong character “体”, teachers ask students how to write the correct one. In this way, teachers can smoothly lead studying Chinese words “休息” by the wrongly written character “体”.

In order to practice the structure “在+ object+ verb phrase”, teachers can ask students to make sentences with the character “在”. Then, some students in Mandarin learning courses may make some wrong sentences like “我吃饭在食堂” and “我学习汉语在中国”. After leading them to find the mistakes, teachers will list the correct sentences as “我在食堂吃饭” and “我在中国学汉语”.

This leading method is not only helpful for students to understand and master the usage of the new points but also helps them improve their ability to find mistakes. However, those who just begin to learn the Chinese language, need to practice the boring language content over and over again. In this case, teachers can apply some interesting and beneficial games to adjust the classroom atmosphere.

For example, teachers can hold the game for word formation relay. Firstly, teachers speak one verb character quickly and students are supposed to make words with the given characters in order. Here are some characters as references for those who teach in Chinese language schools: 查、找、买、吃、喝、带、等、回、看、爬. And then students should do it one by one like: 查字典、找钱、买东西、吃饭、喝茶、带手机、等人、回家、看书、爬山.

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In the Chinese language, the “把” structure is a difficult and also important point for students to learn. In order to practice students to master this structure when they study Mandarin Chinese, teachers can act some certain movements and ask students to describe them and lead to the sentences with “把”. If students describe “拉窗帘”, “擦黑板” and “关门”, teachers can lead them to “把窗帘拉上”, “把黑板擦了” and “把门关上”.

The foreigners who study in China all know that Chinese tongue twister is a good way to practice Chinese. It is a kind of very popular language art for students. Putting the tongue twister into the class teaching can practice their fluent oral Chinese.

For example, if the teaching point in to learn the character “夸”, there is a perfect tongue twister in the Chinese language as leading material. It goes like this “王婆卖瓜又卖花,一边卖来一边夸,又夸花,又夸瓜,夸瓜大,大夸花,瓜大,花好,笑哈哈”. When learning Mandarin Chinese, students can learn how to use “夸” in Chinese.

Actually, there are many attracting tongue twisters in the Chinese language. They are helpful for students to learn to speak Chinese with great interest. Therefore, students can use more as a way to practice Chinese. But they should realize that some tongue twisters are very difficult. They should choose properly or it will cause bad effects.

There are three leading methods are introduced above. Leading by correction helps students understand firmly, leading with games is helpful to gain interest and the tongue twister is beneficial for the oral language.

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