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Knowledge on Business Chinese Language Teaching

In recent years, due to the lack of knowledge and research on the business Chinese teaching in the aspects such as essence and characteristics, many people have some misunderstandings and vague understanding to the business Chinese teaching. The first point of misunderstanding is that business Chinese teaching relates to the professional commercial knowledge and the Chinese language teachers feel hard to teach. It has been a long time that many people think the business Chinese teaching is related to a number of commercial knowledge and the teachers only master the knowledge in the area of language.

At the same time, many teachers are not willing to teach the business Chinese because they are afraid of the commercial knowledge and the special terms. As a result, some Chinese language schools demand the teachers to learn in the process of teaching while some schools even hire some persons who have worked in the area of trade or business to teach business Chinese. Therefore, many students who study in HSK preparation program in China feel dissatisfied because those teachers pay much attention to teach the professional knowledge but not the language itself.

The second misunderstanding on the business Chinese teaching is that the teaching contents of business Chinese is mainly about the international trade. Seeing from the aspect of the currently published business Chinese teaching materials, most contents are indeed related to trade. As a matter of fact, commerce is a very large scope but trade is just one side of the commercial activities. If the scope of the theme in the teaching materials is narrow, the contents will be more specific and it is very professional but not practicable.

As we all know, China has entered the WTO, which means the foreigners’ commercial activities will not be limited in the trading field but include the aspects such as enterprises management, human resource development, advertisement design, marketing and social security and so on. Therefore, most foreigners hope to learn more things when they learn Chinese online free to connect with the social more widely.

What’s worse, some people even think the business Chinese is not proper to be processed at the beginning period because they think all contents related to business are difficult to learn and teach. Therefore, they believe the students should learn business Chinese only when they acquire certain ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Those limitations mentioned above are the main reasons that the business Chinese teaching is not so developed. 

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