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Job Problems of the Volunteers Abroad after Returning

Recently,with the increasing prevalence of Chinese language learning, more and more foreigners start to study Chinese. Therefore, there are many Chinese young volunteers go abroad to teach Chinese to foreigners. When they finish their task, they will face the problem of finding a job after back to China. In the following parts, we will talk about how they deal with this problem when they back.

Taking part in the postgraduate entrance exams is a good choice for them. Generally speaking, most undergraduates who major in teaching Chinese language as a second language choose to continue their career in this direction. Most of them started their volunteer job as soon as they graduated from the university. Therefore, the experience of teaching Chinese language stimulates them to step further in this field, improving their skills to teach Chinese language.

They make this choice because they want to be more competitive. With more foreigners like to learn Mandarin, more students major in teaching foreigners Chinese graduate at the same time. If the volunteers continue to learn more about this field, they will gain much more knowledge and skill in Chinese teaching. Besides, the main approach of furthering their education is usually the Master of teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.

Of course, this is not the only choice. For those who are not willing to further their education, they will find a job immediately. Most of them are able to seek a position in the training institutions to teach Chinese to foreigners. Even though the levels of Chinese language training institutions are various, that’s what we can provide for foreigners to learn Chinese in China at present. Therefore, they don’t have too many opportunities for better job.

Generally speaking, students of undergraduate degree can apply for a job in the training institutions. Nowadays, almost every Chinese language school values the teaching experience and ability. So there is no doubt that those Chinese volunteers of teaching abroad have advantage in this job.

Most foreigners who study in China may be curious about the salary of the job in Chinese language training institutions. In China, most companies or institutions take the salary policy of “basic salary plus working commissions”. When the volunteers enter these institutions, they will get certain basic salary. Then, the more they teach, the more they will get. This system pushes much pressure to them. But if they love this job, they will happy even it is hard.

After experiencing so much in the volunteer job abroad, some of them may no longer like this career. At the same time, most of them are not willing to waste what they have learned from the four-year university and the volunteer experience. Teachers in Mandarin language courses in China would tell you that a large proportion of them will change their careers to develop in the jobs related to the Chinese language

Usually, the jobs related to Chinese language are media reporters, copywriters and planers, advertising, editors and secretary and so on. Learners in Mandarin learning courses should realize that it is not difficult to do the job well because what they need in those jobs are strong interest and relatively strong personal capability.

Of course, among those volunteers who changed their careers, some of them teach foreigners Chinese or do relevant jobs. But some of them may do other jobs that have nothing to do with what you have learned. If there are good chances for you, there is no reason to refuse it. If you go to school to study Mandarin, most teachers would tell you that the reason why they make that choice is their interest.

It is normal to step in a totally new and different area. In this case, the abroad experience of Chinese volunteers undoubtedly becomes the most valuable experience in their young life. Foreigners who learn Chinese language realize that one should start from zero when they step into a new environment. So the experience will be valuable memory in the future life. Making this choice needs much encouragement if they know the difficulty they will encounter.

There are many choices can be made after they back to China. But they should know clearly about what it means to them before making decisions. So, the most point for us is that we should make a good preparation for the future no matter what we are doing. 

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