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Introduction of Film Yeshan

The reform and open-up of China influenced the topics and themes of the films. The so-called reform films came into being. This kind of film wanted to present the ideas and themes that the reform would change the thoughts of people through the reform which changed the mentality, values, and behaviors of the people in the reform period. Many foreigners who came to learn the Chinese language and do business in China knew that the reform period witnessed great progress and rapid development of the society and China was developing during that period. The film Yeshan by director Yan Xueshu was one of the most successful reform works.

The film Yeshan told the story of shifting wives in two rural families in the western mountainous areas of China under the influence of the reform. The story was bizarre as well common. The story was as the following. There was a demobilized soldier whose name was Hehe and lived in a remote mountain area. Hehe wanted to break the pattern of the family members as farmers from generation to generation. He wanted to do kiln but the kiln collapsed. Then he went to raise fish but the fish all died. His wife, Qiurong did not tolerate his behavior of his and divorced him. Another man named Huihui was a farmer who was satisfied with his current life while his wife Guilan wanted to go to the outside world. Guilan and Hehe often talked with each other and Guilan supported the works of Hehe. The close relationship between Hehe and Guilan drew gossip from the villagers and Huihui divorced Guilan.

The ending of the story was that Hehe and Guilan were together and they went to the outside world to make a fortune. The couple became the richest and most lovable one in the village. Many villagers envied the happy couple. The film got much praise from the audience for the distinctive expression of the themes of reform in China. The film got many prizes at home in the year 1985.

Those who were interested in the reform period in China might know many foreigners came to Chin to learn Mandarin in China from the reform. The country became more open and more developed since then. The reform period was an important process for the development of China.

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