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Improve Reading Skill by Recognizing Abbreviation in Chinese Words

The abbreviation in Chinese is the simplification of Chinese words and is also a kind of word formation way in modern Chinese. When you reading Chinese passage, it is good for you to know the abbreviations in Chinese words or phase. In order to express their intention conveniently, they usually simplify the long words into shorter ones. For example, it is wordy to say 彩色电视机to express color TV. When it is abbreviated into 彩电, it becomes more convenient in communication. In the abbreviation of such type, some characters or words are omitted, thus leaning to the shortage of information. As a result, it might a little difficult to understand.

Therefore, it is a difficult point for the foreign students who attend to Chinese school in China to study. Since this word building way is opening, there are new words produced almost every day. The number of the abbreviation words is naturally large. For the overseas students, it is a hard thing to totally master every abbreviation and the most important thing is to know the methods of simplifying the words. Accordingly, recognizing the abbreviations in Chinese becomes an important reading skill.

Generally speaking, the most frequently used ways to recognize the abbreviations are the representative morphemes approach and the generalization method. The feature of the former one is to choose one or two preventative morphemes in the words to form the abbreviation. There is no strict limit for the specific morphemes you choose. For the proper nouns, some are composed by choosing two morphemes while some three.

For example, 妇联 is the abbreviation of 中华全国妇女联合会, which is formed by choosing the representative morphemes. Another condition is to just use part of the full name like 清华from 清华大学. The students may often see the words like 奥运会when they learn Chinese online free. It is abbreviated by choosing three morphemes from 奥林匹克运动会.

For the generalization method, the most common ways are to contract the same morpheme and summarize the numerals. The characteristic of the former one is to make the same morphemes as one. For instance, we can combine 进口and出口as 进出口. The latter is featured by summarizing the common morphemes and indicting with numerals. Usually, we can generalize 海军, 陆军and空军as三军.

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